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I am in a Café  located in Florianopolis, Brazil looking  through my emails from potential clients when suddenly the most frequent question that haunts my inbox pops up in my head… just like those insistent spam emails about money transfers from distant lands… it just keeps resurfacing in my subconscious.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

Although we have tackled this question in a previous blog post and answer this question for almost all the clients that we speak to each day – I find myself losing patience out of my simple lack of creativity.  I need help in answering this question, you see.  The last time that I featured this question in a blog, it was all work-related – so I figured that it’s time for a different approach. I consulted my older brother and co-owner of My OutDesk, Daniel Ramsey and I asked him to jot down some of the things that that he wanted to accomplish with a Virtual Assistant.  I told him NOT to list anything we already do with our Virtual Assistants, because we had already discussed this before.  We needed something new and fresh. Rapidly and seemingly well-rehearsed, he doesn’t even blink while answering and I had to stop him a few times to keep my pen in pace with his voice.  He had already given this some thought. Daniel’s list:

  • Send me daily jokes and stories of interest
  • Program my Tivo with my favorite shows
  • Help me to get a master’s degree
  • Eat more healthily
  • Help me to write a book
  • Help me with my social life, find new and interesting events to attend
  • Organize all my social gatherings
  • Help in planting a garden
  • Help me with my day trading account
  • Help me plan new and interesting things to do with my wife.

This brought me back to the time before Virtual Assistants changed my life.  I remember thinking about hiring someone virtually and wondering what it would be like.  This makes me wish that I had a company like My OutDesk backing me up then.  Those were the times wherein I would have really loved to have read a blog written by someone who was in the Real Estate industry and was successful in what he/she does through the use of Virtual Assistants.  It would have been great to have spoken to someone who knew exactly how I could outsource to my Virtual Assistant. Looking back at most of the conversations I have had with fellow real estate agents, potential and existing clients – it’s not really the question that bothers me.  What bothers me most is the inference that they may not have enough to keep a Virtual Assistant busy. This made me think of our 90 day money back guarantee.  Realistically speaking, what can you lose with our money back guarantee?  As a business owner, I can always say: When you hire a Virtual Assistant be prepared – if you aren’t, it’s not my fault you failed, but yours.  But that’s not how we do things with My OutDesk.  We actually do care what happens to your business – hence the constant pondering I have been doing on how to bring the message across to Real Estate agents regarding what their Virtual Assistants can do and how to orient potential clients on what they need to do to be prepared for outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant. How to start… I personally recommend taking a week to jot down the following:

  • What you are currently doing in your business?
  • What are the things you could do or bring into the business?

It’s important to capture all those things that make you sigh and think, “Oh, if I only had the time.” If you pay for marketing & advertising – which I believe any broker should be doing – why can’t you pay for a Virtual Assistant to post listings for you, create flyers, maintaining your wordpress blog? Once you are done with all the easily outsourced tasks comes the more intricate, dependent tasks like Transaction Coordination, preparing listing presentations, link building, website maintenance, data mining and the creation of Google ad word and social media campaigns.  You can outsource almost anything under the sun – even telemarketing with Skype, Aptela or other IP PBX. In fact, the rapid rise of technology has paved the way for your virtual assistants to not only work on tasks while you are making your morning coffee – they can even make you coffee virtually!  This recent article from Yanko design tells us just how possible it is.

Cloud based coffee

The latter tasks mentioned are the ones that only the truly dedicated highly efficient people can manage.  You need to have a success-oriented mindset and be truly dedicated to find the right Virtual Assistant to complete these tasks.  This means allowing them the proper time to train, and lastly – but maybe the most important of all – directing your physical staff to help your Virtual Employee in becoming successful. At My OutDesk, we don’t pretend to be a company that can outsource any business with any task, but we are a company that can outsource your Real Estate business pretty damn well – oh yeah, and get you a delicious cup of coffee – virtually!    

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