Going PRO in Real Estate.

Are you having a tough time scaling your Real Estate practice? What are the challenges you find yourself facing in this tricky market? In this piece, we will discuss a few things you can assess wherein changes made could benefit you and help you grow your business.

First of all, let’s answer a few questions:
-What percentage of your listings are you double ending?
-Are you prospecting each and every day?
-What CRM are you using to organize and build your business for scale?
-Do you have an assistant?

All of your answers to these questions will paint a picture of what you may need in order to win, scale and grow your business.

You see, we believe that business is very much like sports. The experience is similar for players who want to be champions and win. In any sport, there’s a coach and perhaps a few assistant coaches, a gym workout discipline, a required practice schedule and games or matches where you test your abilities as well as your team’s. In business, the same systems should exist—you can have a coach, a “workout” discipline, daily practice routines and your “matches”, which consists of you facing clients and competing for your business.

With MyOutDesk, we offer you more than a Virtual Assistant’s services; we offer you high caliber virtual professionals that you can leverage to allow yourself to focus on the revenue-producing activities in your business that only you can do. By taking the repetitive, non-revenue tasks from your plate, MyOutDesk empowers you to focus on your bigger picture, high-tier tasks by giving you more time and the peace of mind that talented members of your team are able to take care of everything else.

We care about your business and its success; this is why we have a Business Growth Strategy Session. This session will help define the difference between competing in high school level sports, college and the Olympics. It is a clear articulation of the player’s landscape for the challenges, key drivers and team member rosters. The business Growth Strategy Session will help you focus on the things that matter at different levels of revenue and team sizes. We would compare it to, if your dream is to be in the NFL, come and get your strategy session so you can advance from high school or college league to becoming a pro!

Schedule your FREE business growth strategy session and let’s get you that road map and bring your team into the big leagues!

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