Hiring A Virtual Assistant – Time for Your Office?

If you’re thinking of hiring a virtual assistant welcome to the club. Smart brokers and agents have discovered it’s an investment that pays dividends. hiring a virtual assistant

However, hiring a virtual assistant comes with a financial decision to invest on manpower that can bring you a strong ROI. This is a common struggle many business owners face today.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant & Delegation

It’s no surprise those selling more properties than their competition outsource some of their work. If you find yourself in any of the following situations, it may be time for you to consider hiring a virtual assistant. But how do you know?

  • If you find yourself constantly having to log more than 8-10 hours a day just to keep up with your workload, it may be time for you to hire additional hands to pitch in doing time-consuming work.
  • You ‘re unable to focus on the key priorities of your business because of secondary tasks. If you’re dividing your attention between from revenue-producing tasks and administrative work, hiring a virtual assistant can make your workload more productive.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Myths

  1. You cannot find a qualified real estate VA. Actually, we vet our VAs and bring them through an intensive two week training academy.
  2. You’re having budgeting issues. Listen, we’ve all been there. Business is tough. You cannot stomach added expenses. We can assure the brokers capitalizing their markets are doing it with VAs. Get the inside story about hiring a virtual assistant by contacting us today.
  3. Too busy to think about hiring a virtual assistant. Every business owner knows that it costs money to run a business. However, if you are struggling with overhead costs or looking to cut down on expenses, a virtual assistant is one of the most cost-effective business solutions today.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Trends for 2013

Often we are asked what new trends we’re seeing in the industry. For starters, successful brokers are discovering the power of cross marketing. No longer are we tethered to merely print media and street signage.

Smart agents are doing:clyt2

  • Video – think YouTube
  • Outsourcing using our VAs

Hiring a virtual assistant is easier than you think.

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