Hiring Virtual Assistants was a Game Changer for Knolly Williams

Knolly Williams, best-selling Author and National Speaker, joined MyOutDesk Co-Owner, Daniel Ramsey on September’s “Real Estate Virtual Assistants” Google Hangout. Knolly shared how leveraging a team of MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants helped him take his business to the next level.

Utilizing virtual assistant services are becoming more common every day, especially in real estate. Imagine being able to trust someone that you can delegate detailed work to so you are able to focus on what you do best. Having a real estate virtual assistant can make a huge difference in the way you run your business, all you need is to take the time to really sit down with them and integrate them into your set-up.

In the video below, Knolly talks about how he has used his virtual assistants to leverage his business. Together with MyOutDesk’s support system, Knolly is able to utilize three virtual assistants to do various administrative tasks, to make calls, schedule meetings and so much more.

Virtual Assistants are not plug and play devices, it will take time and patience to get them keyed in to the point where they can function with minimal supervision however, investing in them will produce excellent results, without a doubt. MyOutDesk is unique in that we offer a substantial support system for all our virtual assistants. Not only is there intensive training before we endorse them to any client, but throughout the course of their career, they have a team of people in place to help with additional training they might need, to act as a resource for all the tasks they need to accomplish and to interact with you and ensure that you and your business are seeing the benefits to having your virtual assistant on your team.

Anything and everything that an employee can do without having to be physically present can be done by your real estate virtual assistant. Three major areas that they can be utilized in are marketing, administrative work and sales calls. With all of these different aspects being handled for you, you can truly take the time to focus on constantly excelling at what you do best.

Between 10/1/2014-11/30/14, MyOutDesk is offering a $100 discount of the set-up fee for one virtual assistant, for new clients – just mention this blog. Call us today at 800.583.8850 or email sales@myoutdesk.com to schedule your consultation. See what a real estate virtual assistant can do for you.