Save time, money, and grow your real estate business with MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants - trusted for 10 years by over 5,000 clients.


Generate, capture, track, nurture and follow-up your leads Amplify your online marketing and social media presence Focus on your business and delegate your other general tasks


Imagine having your own team of Virtual Professionals (VPs) who you can delegate your repetitive, non-dollar productive tasks to—from your prospecting, to your marketing and even your administrative ones…
Well, no need to imagine it anymore.

Engage Quick, Convert FAST

Our Prospecting Virtual Professionals are able to respond to your leads really quick—generating, capturing, nurturing and following up with them so you or your agents can focus on closing more deals.

Boost your online presence

Our Marketing Virtual Professionals are trained to handle your needs—managing your social media presence, your collateral designs and your online marketing requirements, freeing up a huge amount of time from your hands.

Delegate tasks you don’t want

Using our Leverage Inventory, you can determine a lot of tasks that you can delegate to our Administrative Virtual Professionals—email and calendar management, database and CRM tools, transaction coordination and more; so you can zero in what you do best.

How we can help your business grow


    Drive the key business initiatives and dollar productive tasks that generate more commissions.


    Leave it to your high caliber Virtual Professional while you spend your time meeting face to face with interested buyers and sellers.


    Our Virtual Professional Coaching program provides you with the added service of support and accountability.

In less than 2 minutes, learn how a Virtual Professional can help you gain leverage and grow your business by taking over your repetitive but essential tasks.

Not convinced? Here’s what others have to say

Mark Shandrow

I would highly recommend MyOutDesk for any of your real estate Virtual Assistant needs. They were able to screen several VA candidates for the position that we needed and provided a high quality candidate within 48 hours that currently exceeds our expectations.

Mark ShandrowSenior VP and Co-Founder of Solid Landings Behavioral Health, Sure Haven LLC, and Rock Solid Recovery
Lars Hedenborg

There are many tasks in real estate that are not dollar productive for a top producing agent—important but not necessarily the best use of my time. I started with some online work and I now have graduated to 3 full time virtual assistants with MyOutDesk. To think that someone half way around the world is a key member of my team is awesome. I’m contributing to our global economy and becoming more profitable at the same time. Simply awesome!!!

Lars HedenborgTop Producing RE/MAX Broker in Charlotte Real Estate Market - Top Producing Charlotte Real Estate Agent


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