How Lars Hedenborg Earned $7 million in Real Estate, Working 1 Day a Week

During our recent Google Hangout, North Carolina Real Estate Agent and Founder of Real Estate B-School Lars Hedenborg, shares the “Ultimate Blue Print for High Performing Real Estate Teams.” He shares four core building blocks that are needed along the path of success. Lars covers how he has built a self-managed team, so he could work only one day a week, take more than eight weeks of vacation, and still sold over one thousand homes in six years with commissions in excess of $7 million.

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Some of the key elements that have contributed to Lars’ success are:

  • Low overhead expenses
  • Hiring the right talent: virtual and physical
  • Tracking performance: marketing, sales, NPS
  • Providing value to employees and clients
  • Monitoring/surveying customer service.

Lars also agreed to share his very own special report “Business Blueprint Implementation Road Map, which you can download here today.

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Here’s a few main points covered in the hangout (w/ timestamps):

4:01         Benefits of outsourcing – Outstanding work ethic

5:01         Managing marketing and listings with virtual assistants

6:38         Decreasing business overhead by approximately 50%

6:58         Early years of the Lars team (birth – 12 months)

7:50         Lars’ team 3 step business model

8:48         What comes first? Physical or virtual assistants?

11:03       Buyers or seller first? Which did Lars choose and why

12:02       Four building blocks to success

13:00       Tracking performance on everything you do

14:10       How to provide value internal and externally

18:47       Inbound marketing streams and sales process

24:32       Recruiting the right talent for your business

If you are interested in building a real estate team, you need to watch this video. Lars’ real estate team is #1 in the greater Charlotte area and ranked in the top 20 for RE/MAX in the entire country. Lars share so many tips on the step by step process and how to go from working in the business to working on the business.

Lars has also set aside time for a free business strategy session for top producing team leaders that are serious about building a self-managed business.

Interested in leveraging real estate trained virtual assistants (administrative, marketing, prospecting), just like the Lars’ team – request a complimentary coaching session below.

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