How MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants help grow your business if you are in the Home and/or Professional service industry

Whether you offer landscaping services, construction services, engineering services, or a wide range of other professional and residential services, a Virtual Assistant can help you enhance everyday productivity and increase revenues.

Why Invest In a Virtual Assistant For Your Business?

From email management to lead calling, a Virtual Assistant can help you take your business objectives to the next level. Regardless of the service industry you are currently in, it is critical that you focus your attention on the tasks that will support the growth of your company. By outsourcing other key tasks that are both tedious and time-consuming, you will be able to enhance your business goals, driving growth and success.

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As a residential or professional services business, the benefits of a virtual professional include:

  •             Financial savings — Instead of hiring someone in-house, you can hire a Virtual Assistant when you need them. In-house employees cost you much more than their salary. From training to insurance, these employees can quickly chew up your monthly budget. For example, say you operate a landscaping business. Instead of paying for an in-house employee to deal with customers and administrative tasks, you can outsource these tasks without needing to interview, train, or monitor your paid help.

  •             Frees up your valuable time — While operating a business, there’s never enough time in the day. Many business owners fall victim to repetitive (yet critical) tasks that prevent them from building customer relationships, implementing growth strategies, and other vital objectives that ensure growth. For example, if you operate an HVAC company, you may offer impeccable service but struggle to find new customers. A virtual assistant can step in while you work with existing clients, effectively marketing your business in order to find new clients. Whether you need someone to follow-up with clients or run your social media accounts, these are the types of tasks that a virtual assistant will tackle.

  •             Completes tasks that are outside of your comfort zone — If you are a roofing contractor, for instance, you may not be comfortable with graphic design. However, you know that you need to enhance your online presence, website, and marketing plan. A virtual assistant can help you overcome these hurdles, all while you do what you do best — provide expert, quality service. While a virtual assistant tackles your online marketing plan, you can meet with customers and better manage your day-to-day business.

  •             Professionalism and expertise — Whether you need a part-time bookkeeper or someone to effectively manage your company emails, why stress about these administrative tasks when you can hire a professional? By effectively completing these tasks, you will be able to maintain your reputation and build your brand. Take a cleaning service company for example. Why count on one of your cleaners (or yourself) to complete tasks that they (or you) are not qualified to do? This could end up hurting your business in the long run. Get it done right the first time, maximizing your ROI.

Boosting Your Company’s Productivity with the Help of MyOutDesk

MyOutDesk has been in the industry for ten years, helping all types of businesses grow. We offer a wide range of support options, including (but not limited to) prospecting (leading calling, qualifying and follow-up, as well as circle prospecting); administrative tasks(database management, backend support, email management, scheduling, backend support; and marketing (social media management, graphic design, video production, virtual tours, and more).

We have been servicing the real estate industry for years, becoming one of the top Virtual Assistant providers available. After serving more than 5000 clients and employing over 4000 professionals, we have seen firsthand how this investment support business growth.

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