How to Match with and Hire the Right Virtual Assistant

The benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant are vast. From significant savings to enhanced flexibility, this level of support can help you take your business to the next level. If you’ve already weighed your options and feel as though a virtual assistant can help you reach your business-related goals, then it’s time to make your first successful hire—keyword, successful.

Don’t Make This Common Mistake When Hiring Your First Virtual Professional

Unfortunately, when hiring their first Virtual Assistant, many make the mistake of settling for the first available hire. However, this mistake is often based on the associated company’s poor matching system. Although you may be eager to hire help so that you can start to reach key milestones, a quick, unsuitable hire may cause more harm than good.

MyOutDesk Can Help You Succeed with Your First Hire

Although there are a number of virtual assistant platforms out there, few focus on recruiting the top percentage of applicants. This is where we differ, as our highly stringent hiring process ensures that only the top applicants join our community. On average, only around 2% pass our tests and interviews, before they go through training.

This is also why we consider our virtual assistants to be “Virtual Professionals“—they’re the best of the best. In fact, not only do we test their abilities and skills, but we also run them through an FBI-grade background check. In addition, they complete a DISC profile assessment so that we can better understand their working personality.

Once our Virtual Assistants are added to our pool of skilled workers, our dedicated placements team focus their attention on our client’s tasks and needs. At that point, they narrow down the top three candidates based on the provided criteria, allowing the client to conduct the interview process.

If, for whatever reason the client is not fond of the potential candidates, the process will restart. New candidates will be filtered out, ensuring that the client hires their perfect professional match. Once the hiring process is complete, we continue to take a very hands-on approach. Offering our support team, we do not leave clients in the dark—we help them reach new heights and achieve their set business outcomes.

How Our Process Differs, And What That Means for Your Business

Based on the process discussed above, we have found that our clients are able to find the right hire in about half the time when compared to the standard hiring process. Since business owners often have to post an opening, sift through candidates, and then weed out prospective hires, we wanted to simplify this process.

For example, services such as UpWork and Craigslist, offer a wide selection of available virtual assistants—but remember, quality tends to trump quantity. Not only will you be searching through a vast amount of candidates (many of which will not be fully qualified or properly screened), but you may end up making a hasty decision—one that could eventually cost you wasted time and money.

Why manually and blindly sift through a large pool of Virtual Assistants when there is a much more efficient process? Let us help you make the best hire for your needs the first time. Ready to take your business to the next level and invest in a virtual professional?

We can help you determine where your business is currently at and what that means in terms of your unique needs. Be sure to schedule your FREE business growth strategy session today!