Gary Keller Talks About How a Virtual Assistant Can Fuel Growth

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Hello, today we’re with Gary Keller, real estate author & mastermind, to inform you about our service. What is a virtual assistant? Well listen up and learn exactly what this person can do for you and your business.

Three Areas of Impact for Virtual Assistants In the Real Estate Field

  1. Administrative duties such as transaction coordination, inputting MLS, and other tasks that you desire. You could have your VA (virtual assistant) arrange dinner plans for you and your wife if you ever felt the need! Basically, they help to organize your life and your business.
  2. Marketing: VA’s can manage social media accounts, create fliers, and make videos that drive your business. Online marketing is a huge area of growth for real estate, and VA’s can help with this aspect of the business.
  3. Sales Assistance: This includes making calls and talking with clients, which can equate to a leads coordinator position. For example, 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th contact. What this tells us is that sales people need to make a consistent follow-up program. Building relationships with clients over the course of a few months can show them value and make them feel important, which would make them much more inclined to do business with you. At My OutDesk this last December, 24,504 clients were reached out to, all of which could become clients for you.

Biggest Revelations from Clients about our VA’s

Clients constantly have lots of questions about our virtual assistants. They often wonder when they will work and how they will work. My OutDesk will walk you through the entire process, which includes analyzing your office to find where you might be dropping the ball. We find the holes in your office and fill them for you. Virtual assistants work best when we know the way the company works and how it operates. This is important because placing virtual assistants in their positions is key to them being a successful part of your team.

Biggest Mistakes Agents Make when Hiring a VA

We often find that agents forget about leverage, and they focus on their assistants helping them with listings and leads. Success in the real estate business doesn’t translate whatsoever to success in hiring talent. A real estate agent cannot be a businessman and a real estate agent, it’s just not entirely possible. Let us hire talent for you.

What you can expect to pay: $1,747 Monthly for a Full time VA

(click here for detailed pricing) for high-end executives. My OutDesk pays employees well, gives them benefits and vacation time, as well as holds bi-annual conferences with them to ensure high quality work. Turnover is the enemy of your leverage piece within your office, but we pay employees very well to keep them working with us for longer. For our clients, paying our workers is as easy as paying a cell phone bill. No taxes, no hassles.

Thanks for tuning in again. I just wanted to let everyone know about this awesome service. You can reach My OutDesk at 1-800-583-9950