The Importance of a Good Script for Inside Sales Agents

On your team, your Inside Sale Agent or Inside Sales Virtual Assistant (ISA) is your forerunner. They are on the frontlines making calls and qualifying prospects in order to set you valuable appointments. While the volume of leads they are able to reach and the number of conversations they have is extremely important, there is one more key factor that will aid them in setting those appointments for you – scripts. A script can make or break your ISA while they are making their calls. Regardless of their number of dials, regardless of the number of conversations they are able to have, if your script is not good, it is all for naught.


A good script will have some if not all of these elements depending on the type of lead they are.


  1. A good and strong introduction.
  2. Benefits of acquiring your services.
  3. Questions with follow-up for possible answers.
  4. Gathering information-deeper probing.
  5. Solid closing statement-get the appointment.

Since your ISA is your frontline person, they of course must also be intelligent enough to handle anything that comes-up that may not necessarily be on the script, they must have the communication skills to be able to adapt to different personalities that they may encounter all these talents plus a winning script are the formula to great success. Of course, following up or nurturing your leads that have high potential of becoming your clients is also important.


If you’re not already utilizing an ISA Virtual Assistant, You may want to consider one. They can be leveraged to take care of this part of your business. Many real estate professional just like you have employed our Real Estate Virtual Assistants to call out to their leads whether it is to nurture their warm leads or cold calling.


MyOutDesk knows how important it is to have a good script in place for your ISA Virtual Assistant, this is why we ourselves have a library of scripts developed by the best minds in the Real Estate industry which we can share with you should you choose to hire one of our outstanding Real Estate virtual Assistants. Our pool of ISA Virtual Assistants’ have gone through a rigorous training program and have had a hand at practicing different scripts. We highly recommend that you have a direct hand at improving your ISA’s skills by scheduling regular role play and objection handling sessions with them, if you do not have the time, we can help you out with those as well.

As a bonus, click here to download some of the scripts we have in our arsenal.

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