Jessica Fox MyOutDesk Testimonial

Jessica Fox: My name is Jessica Fox and I’m a team leader. I’ve been a team leader will Keller Williams

Royalty for 13 years and I also help agents leverage their business. So I use virtual

assistants in many different ways.

Myoutdesk: Tell us how long you’ve been a client?

Jessica Fox: I think it’s been, if I do the math, I think it’s about 7 years. I started with my first virtual

assistant that we brought in from MyOutdesk we hired them from specifically MyOutdesk

because of the training and the background check and all the work they put into their talent before they

come to us.

MyOutdesk: What does your virtual Assistant do to help your Business?

Jessica Fox: To be really honest with you, we weren’t really sure how we’re gonna use them. So we

started making a wish list with the agents and implementing. So my initial virtual assistant was basically

concierge for office. Entering listings, managing dot loop in the back office, helping me with just basic

things like craigslist ads and things for recruiting, managing my database and it kind of just evolved from

there. So he started part time and became integral part of our team. And then from their it just kept

going. So after 10 yrs in that office I moved to florida and I introduced that office to the idea of a virtual

assistant and we just keep evolving and evolving and evolving. So I’ve three Virtual Assistants in at this


MyOutdesk: What is the ROI/value that MOD provides to your business?

Jessica Fox: So, for anyone that ever asks me about a virtual assistant. I just share with them the

experience and the results I’m having. I’m very results oriented. So, this last month I hired 17 agents, I had

59 appointments and I only scheduled 4 of them, the rest of them were taken care of. Not only set but

confirmed by my virtual assistant, Queenie, who I worked with for 1 and a half hours a day. And so I share

Queenie between three other talented team leaders and she has changed our world. So not only did she

help us focus on the appointments that we needed, she confirmed the appointments, she gave the

people that were going to meet with us a teaser so that they kept the appointment, then followed up

with the database and sent a thank you note to each and everyone of them. So it was transformational for us all

the years I’ve been a team leader just made my life a lot easier and I really love her. She’s fantastic!

MyOutdesk: Tell us how you successful onboarded your VA?

Jessica Fox: So two things on onboarding. Onboarding your virtual assistant, # 1, I think we

cannot lose sight of the fact that they’re people and they need recognition and that they

need direction and that they yearn for that and so we treat them just like every other

staff member. We include them in our staff meeting, and since we’ve done that, that has

made all the difference because we constantly in communication. If we don’t

communicate with our people in our office, what happens? Well the same thing with the

virtual assistants. So you can’t lose sight of that, but including them, asking for feedback

is critical and they have it to offer and they’ll give you some good guidance. For example

when I first started I used to set a time block appointment for Queenie to fill and one

day she called and said Boss those aren’t good time slots to fill. They would prefer to

meet at other times, so we made that adjustment and my appointment doubled. Don’t

try to do it on your own. Reach out to your VA, ask for their feedback and if you need to

lean on their job coach or success coach so that they go to the next level.

When it comes to agents, one of the challenges, the blessings that we had on Keller

Williams is all the technology, all the tools, all the resources, eEdge, My KW, the app, I mean the

website, the database, I mean it’s endless and so for new agent or experienced agent sometimes joining

Keller Williams is overwhelming and to staff it is a lot of work to onboard. So one of the things

that we did is we documented the process with screenshots, wrote a manual for Etchel who’s

one of our great VA’s (and you cannot steal him from me thank you very little because we have him

full time). He’s worth his weight in gold with us. But Etchel he will actually follow that process

with each of our onboards and between the three offices that we run we have between,

conservatively, between 40 and 65 onboards every month and he’s able to set up their profile,

my KW, white pages, websites, really everything. Idx, all the way through database within a day

or two for each of those folks. And so, when they joined Keller Williams their bells and muscles

are on as soon as they joined us and it’s a concierge that we can provide. Concierge experience

that we can provide the agents and they absolutely love it! So it makes the objection of change

and the stress of change kind of moot once you kind of have that concierge approach. So he

does that for us. So not only is it important that you take care of your VA and treat them like

staff and involve them in your world just like you would with any other staff member but let

them take care of your people and they’ll do a great job.

MyOutdesk: So how do you communicate daily with task and giving the information or whatever?

Jessica Fox: Great question. So communication with any opportunity, any position, any talent that you’re

working with is key in order to have your expectations met but also to get feedback

from you so that they know you’re loving what they’re doing. So when I first start with a

virtual, I start and end every shift with them with a brief communication, be it a chat, be

it a skype call, be it a google voice call. My preference is google voice call and we just

connect. Just like I would with any staff member that I’ll be bringing on and we get to know each

other. We start to learn our expectations, how we like things done, how we behave and

then it just kind of weigh in out from their but we always have once a week that we get

together. Circle back, talk about projects, talk about ideas, give feedback back and forth

and that keeps us on track. When we don’t do that that’s when we get off track and

then we have to hit the reset button. So that’s just something that’s on our calendar and

we treat them just like any staff member.

MyOutdesk: So Jessica, what would be the one thing that if a colleague was asking you about hiring a virtual assistant

from myoutdesk that you would go ahead and talk to them?

Jessica Fox: So if it’s an agent I would tell them that a virtual assistant is the difference between you

talking about it and thingking about it and you doing it because time is usually our

enemy and we just rn out of time, So having that person that is an implementer is a

difference-maker in the trajectory of your business. Its really that to be in point before

you hire a full time assistant they can really make that process and timeline pretty quick.

And once you do it you’ll never look back, so don’t over think it. Find a mentor that 2

steps ahead of you, follow what they’re doing, borrow everything that they are using

and they’ll share it. And never look back, you’ll love it. For a team leader I think you need

to find someone like me or many of the other people that are doing this and learn how

specifically we’re using it. Just duplicate it, we share it because that’s what we do in my KW.

So once you do that, once you put everything in place, you’ll be wanting more and

more and more because the difference between a staff member and a virtual assistant

is a staff a member can justify being busy or seem like they can’t handle what we’re giving

them and that’s true, I run into that all the time. But a virtual assistant is that their sole

purpose is that to get certain tasks done at a certain time every month in a consistent

basis. And so when you add that consistency to your systems within the office you grow

exponentially and that’s really everything.

MyOutdesk: What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

Jessica Fox: So I believe that a virtual assistant can help an office provide a more consistent

higher level of service from recognition to communication, to the calendar, to just about

everything you can imagine. They can provide consistency in a concierge approach to it

because the consistency is a concierge approach to it. You can add services to your

agents within the office. Offering things that can be done by the virtual for them and

then in terms of their trajectory you can be a role model to the agents in your office that

would greatly benefit from that level of leverage and by being a role model to your

office by using them, you really can be supportive and you can show them the way and

they’ll never leave you when you show them this. It’s awesome!

***MyOutDesk’s part-time services have been discontinued.

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