Ken Wimberly MyOutDesk Testimonial

Ken Wimberly: Hi I’m Ken Wimberly of KW Net Lease Advisors.

Tell us how long you have been a client?

Ken Wimberly: We hired our first VA October of 2012.

What does your Virtual Assistant do to help your business?

Ken Wimberly: For me, I get 250 emails a day so one of the most important things I first set her up

to do was to screen my emails to clear out my inbox. I read the 4-hour work week from Tim Ferris a few years ago and

that was the mea culpa was having a VA to scrub your inbox. So that was a big reason for hiring a

VA. She does that a fraction of her day. She does listing management, helps prepare proposals, helps

prepare offer memorandums for us. She maintains my trend report. She maintains my success

spreadsheet that shows all of our transactional volume. She does transaction management for us so

we let our full-time transaction manager go and Melissa’s picked up a lot of our transaction work as

well. In addition to that, she does some website maintenance for us and the general marketing

creation for us.

What is the ROI/value that MOD provides your business?

Ken Wimberly: Oh easily. I mean in a really conservative five to one. And that’s really conservative.

Tell us about your VA’s language/communication skills…

Ken Wimberly: So it was, while we don’t have our VA communication with our client directly, we

communicate with her quite regularly and her language skills are great. She speaks perfect English.

So he has a, she’s got a, an accent and it actually just makes her very cute with that that accent. But

her communication skills are wonderful and we communicate multiple ways. We use Link rather

than Skype so we use Link Messaging through Microsoft. It keeps the message back and forth all day

long, plus email, text, and talk on the phone pretty much on a daily basis.

Tell us how you successfully onboarded your VA…

Ken Wimberly: Sure. Just like a normal employee. So we took her through a 90-day training

program and walked her through our systems, our trainings, our modules, and things we do. And I

assigned our EA to help manage a lot of that training. Initially, I took that training on myself and

quite honestly, it wasn’t near sufficient and once I let my EA take over that training, it got a whole

lot better.

What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

Ken Wimberly: You know when they are, I’d say, a couple of days, one thing I’d say call MyOutDesk

for questions cause it’s wonderful at the company. So call them for questions. Second would be,

when you hire someone, it’s all about the training, right? Whether it’s an on site employee, a new

agent, or a virtual assistant, it’s about the training. And for me, as I mentioned, my Executive

Assistant is a much better trainer, especially for Admin tasks (which the VA’s doing much better tasks),

so if you set up the training right, and hold things accountable, you’ll get phenomenal results.

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