Knolly Williams MyOutDesk Testimonial

Knolly Williams: I’m Knolly Williams and I’m with Keller Williams Southwest Market Center in Austin,


MyOutdesk: Tell us how long you’ve been a client?

Knolly Williams: You know I’ve been a client with My Outdesk for just a little bit over a year and here’s

the thing when I first started, I talked to the owner Daniel Ramsey and I didn’t think that a VA was gonna

work for me to be honest with you and within a couple of months, I went from not only having 1 full time

VA but to having 2 Fulltime VA’s, and now just a little bit over a year I have 3 Full time VA’s. It’s been a

game changer.

MyOutdesk: What does your Virtual Assistant do to help your business?

Knolly Williams: So because I like to contribute and give back what my Virtual Assistants do for me, I’ve

got one full time that does nothing but event coordinating and so last year my wife and I was able to go

to 34 cities and teach my Success with Listings class. I have to go to over a thousand listings my first 10

yrs. As an agent and now I’m into contributing, giving back, teaching agents how they can be successful

with listings. And so I have one VA that does nothing but help book my events and then I’ve got another

VA that’s like sort of an ISA type person, and then I have a small software company and I have another

VA that rans that for me full time.

Myoutdesk: Tell us how you successfully onboarded your VA?

Knolly Williams: The way I successfully onboarded my people when I brought them on was, I just, I train

them. You know I’m assistance person, I like to document but the Cool thing about my outdesk is that

there’s a lot of training, there’s weeks and weeks of training before they ever come to me. And there’s

like a 35 some odd page report that I get with their DISC assessment and uhmm and their resume and all

kinds of information so that I can look and see, is this person possibly a right fit even before I do all the

interview process. So I onboard with a pretty good system and then I train my people, like my first VA I

train for about 7 days. And the cool thing she was able to just snap in and get it right away. So she was

often running and then she was able to document a lot of my systems.

MyOutdesk: How do you communicate with your Virtual Assistants Daily and get them your tasks?

Knolly Williams: You know the way that I communicate with my VA’s on a day to day basis is kinda

strange. I was used to calling my assistant or being at the office you know she’d walk in or whatever. But

now we use we started using skype and then we went to viber, you know it’s a free app, and we just viber

each other a lot were like going all day long. And that’s kind of the way that I communicate I have a

weekly phone call with them, but I tell you it’s freed up my life. I’ve spent two weeks in Maui a couple of weeks

ago and my VA’s just ran my business while I was gone. We didn’t lose any production and any business

while I was out. So I absolutely love it!

MyOutdesk: Tell us about your VA’s language/communication skills

Knolly Williams: So the biggest, probably one of the biggest concerns and thoughts that I had about

hiring a VA that was potentially the oversees, was the communication. You know are they gonna have

good diction, are they gonna be able to articulate, do they have good English and I was just blown away

with the communication skills. Not only in Emails, in written communications, but also on the phone. You

know we get a lot of calls that come in. We actually get a 100 of calls every week and my people are

amazing with their articulation and their diction and their communication skills are just outstanding. We

went, with my first VA, we went about 8 months without anybody being able to guess that she was from

anywhere outside of Texas. And finally one guy kinda was like guessing based on her name or something

like that where she or she might be oversees but people really don’t know and really don’t care because

they have such good communication skills.

MyOutdesk: What Is the ROI/value that MOD provides to your business?

Knolly Williams: The way I would equate the return of investment, the biggest thing I would say is that

it’s been a life changer in that it’s freed up my time. You know people say that time is money and I don’t

really believe that. I believe that time is so much more important than money, it’s more precious than

money. And so by spending a little bit of money I’ve been able to get my life back, I’ve been able to get

my time back and that’s so much more precious. I spend time with my family. I’m actually able to get off

work at 2 or 3 o’clock and sometimes by noon. And my VA’s are taking care of everything. So it’s been a

game changer as far as my, uh, the business that I’m doing, that’s up 124%, so I’m spending less time

and I’m making more money. That’s what we all want.

MyOutdesk: What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

Knolly Williams: The one thing I would say to an agent that’s thinking about having a VA Virtual Assistant

with MyOutdesk is when you think about, I’m a big lister, like I said I took a thousand listings in 10 years,

and when you look at the listing process I’ve broken it down to 46 specific steps that go from the time

that you lead generate to the time that you close on it and after the closing. There’s 46 steps. Really as a

top listing agent you sure maybe doing 3, 2 or maybe 1 of those things, right? But at the most, 3 of those

46 steps your VA can do pretty much everything else. So if you really want to kind of save your life, save

your time do more production if your happy with the hours your working but you want to double your

income, double your business, MyOutdesk is where it’s at.

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