Lead Follow-up For Commissions

The top two most inconsistent and neglected activities that real estate agents MUST do…

…Do you know what they are?

The first is Prospecting [Lead Generation]…obviously the key to your business. Without leads, you’re dead in the water. Those leads can come from asking for referrals – sure, but before you can get referrals, you have to close some deals.

As important as lead generation is, lead follow-up and nurturing is a very close second. Lead follow-up could be even more important to be honest. You can buy leads, but you can’t buy a relationship.

I like to drive this home a lot because it’s something our excel Virtual Assistants excel at and that helps agents get incredible results,

…but, also because the data around this one topic is mind-blowing.

Lead nurture

Tell me you also think that is pretty stupid. An inquiry comes in and it’s not followed up with? Huh?

Imagine this, you generate a bulk of new leads…

Now what?

The leads need some love, they need to be put through a tested and proven marketing funnel to warm them up, get them familiar with you and allow them to realize they need to do business with you.

How’s that for a different view?

They don’t need to be talked to, they don’t need to be pressured, they need to receive incredible content, nurturing and follow-up, so they realize on their own, that you’re the agent for them.

Oh… and before I forget, this all needs to be done on autopilot.

How about them apples?

If this sounds new or impossible to you, stick with me here. I’m going to give you the path that most agents don’t know of, yet it’s what has been proven to work time and time again in any industry, but especially real estate.


When 861 companies shared their data on the sales cycle of their leads, the findings changed the game and the way they viewed their leads.

We usually look for the quick sale, most of us anyway. That’s what we’re wired to do, results with immediate gratification. But in this data, it showed that only 15% of leads made a purchase or transaction inside the first 90 days.

The other 85% did not, and yet, 16 months later 79% of those remaining, completed a transaction (when they had been nurtured effectively).

This begs the question, how do you value your leads? What attention do they receive – whether automated or otherwise – after that initial “no?” Chances are, they’re tossed into the “disqualified” or “exhausted” bucket and not given much attention.

How do you fix this repetitive cycle, give the appropriate attention to non-committed leads, while still maintaining an effective workflow?

Knowing this and executing it will change your business and your life. How will you move forward after hearing this?

Here are a few simple things you can use to execute this effectively in your business:

  1. Make sure you’re using a CRM
    1. You must put your follow-up and nurture campaigns on automation.
    2. There are many CRMs out there, choose what works for you, at MyOutDesk we use Infusionsoft.
  2. Create segmented campaigns for leads
    1. Have different campaigns for different lead statuses (cold, warm, hot)
    2. Provide content that is high-value and actionable, what will help them right now?
    3. Think out into the future, what value (content) can you provide that will help them realize you’re the right agent for them?
  3. Get on Social (Media) and be active
    1. All of your prospects are on social media, be present, communicate with leads them through social channels and please don’t try to sell them. Social Media platforms is not the place.
    2. Be human, interact, like and comment on their posts and gain their attention.
    3. If you need to, get a social media manager to run your accounts and be relevant in your market.
    4. Remember it’s all about genuine engagement and consistency.
  4. Put a follow-up plan into action immediately
    1. If you need help, hire a Virtual Assistant to manage your CRM and follow-up campaigns. This is the power of leverage at its best.
    2. Give your Virtual Assistant these FREE Templates and allow them to open the door to effective nurturing and increase your conversions.
    3. These are the first step in a relationship-building follow-up campaign that could extend out 6 months into the future.



There you go…

Get started with an effective follow-up campaign, get help and leverage your time and money with an assistant.

Use these templates to get your follow-up funnel started today!


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