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At MyOutDesk, we are a team of leaders with the shared goal of achieving success together
— both for our clients and for our employees.

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Executive Leadership

Daniel Ramsey

Chief Executive Officer

Daniel Ramsey, a long-time entrepreneur, has ran and sold several businesses in his career. Inspired by his own time-management struggles, he created MyOutDesk to provide businesses with a trusted, reliable solution to scale operations while saving time & costs.

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Megan Patterson


Chief People Officer

Megan Patterson is responsible for designing and implementing all people-related strategy and initiatives to drive business growth and sustainability in support of the MyOutDesk’s vision while optimizing client and internal team satisfaction.

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Virtual Assistant Services Disclaimer: “Client acknowledges and agrees that neither MOD nor its VAs are licensed to perform any professional services or activities requiring a license or certification, including, but not limited to, real estate, brokerage, insurance, securities, medical, law, teaching, accounting, engineering, architecture, construction, surveying, compliance, counseling, or any other professional or occupational license or certification of any kind, and that Client will not use any Virtual Assistant in the performance of any such services or activities. Client further acknowledges and agrees that Client has consulted with Client’s applicable licensing board(s), an attorney, and/or other qualified professional concerning Client’s intended use of the VA(s), and understands what services the VA(s) can and cannot perform pursuant to applicable local, state, and/or federal licensing laws, regulations, and restrictions. Client acknowledges and agrees that MOD is not an attorney and has made no representation regarding what services or activities do or may require a license and has made no representation about whether any VA’s services or activities, or contemplated services or activities, do or may require a license, and Client acknowledges that Client is not relying on any such representations and has consulted with appropriate professionals concerning their intended use of the VAs and are satisfied that their intended use will not violate any local, state, or federal licensing or other laws, regulations or restrictions. Client agrees that Client will not use or require any Virtual Assistant to perform any services or activities for which a license is or may be required. Client further agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold MOD, and MOD’s owners, employees, officers, agents, contractors, licensors, suppliers, consultants, advisors, directors, managers, shareholders, successors, assigns, predecessors, affiliates, VAs and members, harmless for any losses, claims, damages, costs, fees (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and expert fees), fines, sanctions, awards, judgments, infringements, penalties, or injuries of any kind incurred by MOD, its VAs, and/or any third party, which arise from Client’s use of MOD’s VA(s) in the performance of any services or activities requiring a license or certification.”

Licensing Rules & Restrictions: The National Association Of REALTORS® is a recognized authority on current licensing laws & requirements, and has written an excellent article on the State Statutes and Regulations for Unlicensed Assistants.