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How do you get your appointments? I’m sure most of you would answer “by making calls,” either by yourself, your Inside Sales or Virtual Assistant. According to the law of averages, to make to get at least one appointment you need to have ten conversations. To have ten conversations you have to dial a hundred phone numbers. You also need to be able to follow-up on those prospects, find out what their needs are and if they are ready to have you help them fulfill those needs.


Lora Ullerich, Digital Media Specialist at of Cole Realty Resources, recently spoke with Daniel Ramsey, Co-Owner of MyOutDesk, about leveraging Real Estate Virtual Assistants for prospecting in real estate. Lora shared how Cole Realty Resources can provide prospecting phone numbers for real estate professionals and some of Cole Realty’s prospecting scripts, click here to download.


So Cole Realty can provide the phone numbers, you have the scripts, and a MyOutDesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant can prospect systematically for you. You can grow your business without being overwhelmed with all the prospecting tasks.


A well-trained virtual assistant can help you with many different processes that are needed in your business set-up. For example, you may need one to manage your online marketing, handling different types of paperwork such as Transaction Coordination, BPOs etc. Yes, a well-trained Real Estate Virtual Assistant can also help you with cold calling, follow up and nurturing. They can be on the phone while you are out and about, setting more qualified appointments for you, following up on your warm and hot leads.


In the video below, Daniel and Lora discuss in-depth many questions and answers you may have yourself about Cole Realty Resources and Virtual Assistants. Watch the video below.

Virtual Assistant

“The new currency is speed and engagement” – With how quick we can get information these days, people have come to set certain standards with how quickly everything else works as well.


When you have a great database for number such as the service Cole Realty offers, and you have a good business system in place, you will be able to get more of the results you desire.


Between 10/1/2014-11/30/14, MyOutDesk is offering a $100 discount off the set-up fee for one virtual assistant, for new clients – just mention this posting. Call us today at 800-583-9950 or email sales@myoutdesk.com to schedule your no obligation consultation.