Leveraging a Virtual Assistant for the holidays

The holiday season should be spent with your family and loved ones, not wading through paperwork. You should be at home relaxing with your feet up, not stuck behind a desk frantically responding to emails. For many executives, the festive period can be hectic as your family commitments collide with the demands of your business. Your end of year work checklist seems to grow ever larger as your pool of available staff members seems to shrink ever smaller. It can all start to feel overwhelming.

A Virtual Assistant could be the ideal tonic to ensure your business thrives through the demanding festive season. They can ensure you have the time to enjoy the holidays with your family and start 2019 feeling refreshed and filled with vigor for the New Year.

A smooth festive run in

Aside from the usual business duties, the holiday season throws up a host of personal commitments that require attention and planning. Whether its organizing travel plans so your family can be together over the holidays or buying loved ones presents, these duties can distract you from your business and lead to burnout. A good virtual assistant strives to make your life easier, taking care of personal and seasonal work duties and ensuring you maintain a work-life balance during the most demanding time of year.

Avoid holiday hibernation for your business

Just like the majority of business owners and executives, you’re probably looking forward to checking out of work and relaxing for the holidays. However, your clients might not be in the same position. It’s not good for their business, or yours if you just ‘clock off’ for the holidays. Emails and inquiries keep coming in and you want your social media accounts to stay active and keep generating leads.

A virtual assistant can keep your business ticking over while you enjoy a well-deserved break, safe in the knowledge that your clients are being responded to and kept happy and your new warm leads aren’t left to go cold over the Christmas break.

Show your clients your appreciation

Your clients are the ones that make your business possible, so show your thanks and strengthen your relationship during the festive period. A personalized festive e-card goes a long way, but it’s a time-consuming activity that falls during one of the busiest times of the year.

A virtual assistant can take care of the whole process for you, making sure you show your clients your appreciation and keep yourself in their thinking as they plan for the New Year.

Prepare for the New Year

As the holidays come to a close and the New Year begins, it’s time to put your plans into action, engage gear, and drive your business forward. You don’t want to return to work, feeling refreshed and eager, only to discover a deluge of admin that forces you to shelve your plans while you catch up.

A virtual assistant can ensure your business affairs are in great shape for the end of the year. Whether it’s taking care of your social media platforms, preparing new content, or updating your databases, a virtual professional can ensure you get a head start on the New Year.

Enjoy the festive season

The holidays are a time to savor and enjoy. Don’t let this special time of year be a cause of concern for your business or family life. Even Santa Claus can’t do it all himself, so why not get yourself some help this festive season. A virtual assistant can provide peace of mind, so you can relax and enjoy your time at home knowing that you’re all caught up with 2018 and looking forward to hitting the ground running in the New Year.

So don’t let your business or your loved suffer over the holidays. Enjoy both! Schedule a Double Your Business Strategy Session with one of our specialists today!