Manish Chanda MyOutDesk Testimonial

Manish Chanda: My name is Manish Chanda. I’m with Everest Peak Realty team and Keller

Williams Albuquerque and I’m just excited to be here.

Tell us how long you have been a client?

Manish Chanda: Now, 20 months now, I’ve had virtual assistance. Now I have multiple.

However, started with my first one 20 months ago.

What does your Virtual Assistant do to help your business?

Manish Chanda: Everything that I would need to do in terms of administration and communication,

except anything that involves opening doors or meeting with clients and makng presentations. Actually I

have 4 different. My original one was an EA, Executive Assistant who took care most of the

marketing and the transaction and listing of the business. I have replaced her because she was ill

with a transaction manager at this point of time. However, during that time, I hired an ISA who just

turned out to be brilliant and he has been promoted to become our sales manager for the team. He

has a full-time assistant who is also virtual doing data work, research, and some marketing support,

and now we have a second ISA or OSA to assist them with the process, so that runs it up to four.

Tell us about your VA’s language/communication skills…

Manish Chanda: One of the things people need to understand is that Philippines is really a very

westernized English-speaking country and that is really one of the primary methods in which the  people

speak. My folks have very clear language skills, I’ve never been asked the question where are the

folks in the office at, based on their accent.

How do you communicate with your Virtual Assistant daily and get them your tasks?

Manish Chanda: It’s a pretty structured process fortunately for us and today’s age of networking

technology, there’s a lot of online tools. One of the ones which we use is Skype. We also have Voice

Over IP telephone systems that we have everybody integrated so all my phone systems flow into

the Philippines. So if questions need to be answered, my staff is able to answer as if they were sitting

in my office next to me.

Tell us how you successfully onboarded your VA…

Manish Chanda: So the initial training is like anybody else that would be training in your office for

a new task. Understand that nobody knows what to do before they start the job. Everybody learns

on the job so I had them shadow me. I had to set expectations. I had to create tasks lists and

have them understand what the different components of the process were and once they

internalize it really at this point in time, they do it with very little supervision from me.

What is the ROI/value that MOD provides your business?

Manish Chanda: Okay. They key thing is leverage. I have to replicate myself in so many different

tasks and I just have 24 hours. However, to grow a business you need more than that and that’s

what the leverage of people come in and multiplying that effect. One of the key things is, you’ve got

people who are amazingly talented, skilled, and able to do the job because they’re very eager and

motivated for a fraction of the cost that would take you to hire somebody in your local marketplace.

What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

Manish Chanda: I will say 2 things. This is not a “silver bullet” that you bite.  Your Virtual Assistant

who’ll be who you want them to be, based on the way you train them and the expectations you set

for them.

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