MyOutDesk’s Fail Safe Recruitment Process

Here at, our main goal is to provide our clients with indispensable Real Estate Virtual Assistants who have utmost dedication for excellence. In order to achieve this, we have a comprehensive process of identifying potential Real Estate Virtual Assistants as early as Recruitment. Our process ensures that you are getting a qualified, committed, and trustworthy Virtual Assistant who embodies our MOD Core Values, someone whom you will be confident enough to represent you and your Real Estate business.

We have a diverse pool of applicants who are experts in various fields. Our roster includes 4-year university graduates as well as seasoned professionals. Our exhaustive pre-hire process filters candidates so only the most competent are interviewed.

Applicants apply through the Careers section of our website. Once we receive their information on our database, they are immediately scheduled for an Online Exam which is specific on the field of expertise they are applying for. Once done, the Recruitment Specialists will check their online exams, listen to their recordings and gauge whether they are fit to become a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant based on their communication skills, IQ, DISC and Values profile, etc. From here, we are able to eliminate applicants, while those who get through, are immediately scheduled for an initial interview with one of our Recruitment Specialists, then for final interview by our Recruitment Manager.

Skills are not our only consideration when hiring Virtual Assistants, we also consider their character and personality and commitment to the job. We look into their job history, and we also gather information from their references (3 work references and 2 personal references) with criminal background check. Their identity, addresses and schools are verified – meaning when you meet them they are the best of the best.

A system check is also done to ensure that their computer and internet connection, as well as their backup, pass MyOutdesk’s standards.

Once our applicants pass the recruitment process, they are then endorsed to our Human Resources Department and the Training Department, where their US Real Estate knowledge and skills are then developed and honed.

Can’t wait to hire your very own MyOutdesk Real Estate Virtual Assistant? Watch this video to see more of what our VAs can do for you!