MOD Plus Success: 3 of 3

We’ve had a successful charter program when we launched MOD Plus—now we’ll peel back the curtains and show you what it looked like for one client, Harry Hasbun, from DAY 1 to DAY 60 in three 30 minute webinar sessions!

In Part 3, we got Harry with us LIVE to talk about his personal experience with his Virtual Professional. He tells us that he had issues with people he hired in-house—training them and eventually losing them, even with all the benefits and the perks he offers. This causes him to lose both time and money from repeating the hiring process over and over.

To this day, his Virtual Professional, Christine, is so much better—she’s great, she’s positive and she appreciates her position. They have NOT had any complaints! Even from people they constantly call and follow-up with.