MOD Nation

MyOutDesk was born when our CEO and founders realized that there was a serious need that could be filled by finding high caliber Virtual Assistants and matching them with complementing talents. We have sought to give Real Estate Agents the leverage that they need in order to gain more time to focus on making connections, establishing relationships and closing deals.

We are constantly in pursuit of channels where we can provide more value to our clients and offer solutions to those in need of them. Which is why we created our program called “MOD Nation.”

MOD Nation is a suite of tools that our clients have access to which can be installed in conjunction with their new Virtual Assistant. We’ve partnered-up with some of the most innovative, ground breaking companies whose systems can be utilized in tandem with our Virtual Assistants.

Here’s a list of our amazing partners for MOD’s Business in a box:

SalesDialers. is a cloud based software that lets its users dial more leads, track them better and close more sales. The award winning sales engine technology is used by some of the fastest growing companies in the US, providing clients with the most advanced and affordable solution on the market today. Clients consist of the single user (one man shop) all the way up to large corporations.


What you get:  3-Line Dialer FREE for 90 Days, (a $318 Value).

AgentCircle Prospecting FREE for 90 Days, (a $117 Value).



Predictive dialers are so old school. With affordable 3-line calling, PowerDialer CRM is the future-forward subscription-based auto dialer that acts as an effectiveness multiplyer. By bypassing busy signals, answering machines and no-answers, each agent spends more time selling.



Identify residences within a certain radius for circle prospecting. You’ll get names, addresses, phone numbers and more for staying in touch with homeowners in your territory, Stay ‘top of mind’ for when they’re ready to buy or sell.



Compile a list of contacts in around a radius of your open house. Then call those contacts to promote your open house.

Compile a list of contacts around a radius of your Just listed properties. Explain to them that you just listed XYZ property in their neighborhood and you just wanted to know if any friends or family were interested in moving to the neighborhood.

Compile a list of contacts around a radius of your Just Sold properties. Explain to them that you just Sold XYZ property in their neighborhood and you just wanted to know if they or any one of their neighbors were interested is selling their homes.

Realvolve Realvolve improves on every aspect of CRM software. Realvolve builds on technology you use daily (such as the Web, email, Google Apps, and more) and helps you work smarter and more effectively, so you can focus on what matters most. People.


What you get: Realvolve PRO FREE for 90 Days (a $267 Value).


Real Relationships

Realvolve studies your connections so you can focus on building true relationships — the foundation of a strong business.


Actionable Intelligence

Realvolve guides your activity and predicts the impact on your business.

Limitless Automation

Realvolve automates your work in timely precision with the most powerful workflow platform in the industry.

Listings-To-Leads. The Problem: Online marketing consists of many different levels of expertise and the increased business can take a while to occur. In an era where time and money are in short supply, the idea of hiring an employee with the expertise needed while waiting for results is enough to keep most brokers on the sideline.


The solution… Listings-to-Leads…. Listing Syndication Management. They provide agents and brokers industry leading turnkey online marketing solutions and strategies that dramatically increase Online Lead Generation.


What you get: L2L Marketing Suite FREE for 90 Days (a $330 Value).

LandVoice. Landvoice provides real estate agents with FSBOs, expireds, and pre-foreclosure leads. They have been in the real estate industry for over 15 years and now exactly what real estate agents need. The difference between Landvoice and many of their competitors is that they have the ability to scrub out bad leads and send you—the agent, leads that save you time and actually help you make money.

What you get: Landvoice PRO FREE for 90 Days, (a $441 Value).

For agents that are serious about prospecting and want the best phone numbers available. Includes FSBOs for 2 counties, Expired Basic with Expired Pro Upgrade for 1 MLS, unlimited use Neighborhood Search, and Pre-Foreclosure leads for 2 counties.

Firepoint. Firepoint is a real estate software solution created by some of the top real estate teams and agents across the nation. When you’re growing, you already have plenty of things to worry about: having to keep systems and programs working together shouldn’t be one of them. Software should work for you, not against you. Firepoint offers a simpler and more effective way to grow and run a real estate team—whether you are a single agent looking to create a team, or a mega-team closing hundreds of transactions a year, Firepoint offers solutions that can help.

What you get: Waived set up fee, (a $300 Value).

Firepoint can replace most of the systems you currently use to manage your real estate business. Whether you’re a single agent or running one of the top teams in the nation, Firepoint support staff will help revolutionize your business by guiding your transition from multiple systems to managing your business all in one place. Once you make the switch, you won’t need to always be chasing another piece of software to get it right.


LionDesk. LionDesk is a CRM, Lead, and Transaction management platform for Agents, Brokers and Teams. With features like intelligent drip campaigns, video emails and texting, text-2-sell tools, social and demographic profiling, integrated power-dialer and more, LionDesk is an all-in-one solution that can take your business to the next level.


What you get: Free for 30 days! Plus a 30-day money back guarantee.


Close More Deals Faster

Simple CRM | Transaction Management | Tasks & Calendaring | Drip Campaigns | Auto-Responders | Email Tracking & Marketing | Click-to-Call | Lead Importing | Document Management | Sharing Across Teams | and Much More

Aside from these amazing systems, we also have other affiliates.

To see a full list of our channel partnerships click here.

Indeed, a Virtual Assistant can be a huge asset to your team. However, it is important to remember that this depends on a large part, on you and the resources you can provide for them. If you would like to hear some success stories and testimonials from some of our amazing clients click here.

We are committed to being a part of your success and these partnerships are just one more way we can provide value for you.

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