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Real estate virtual assistant support is becoming the secret weapon of successful brokers and agents in 2013. But why?

For starters the ROI is far greater than having your own staff churn out mundane tasks. However, there’s been controversy over how to find a VA that understands the finer nuances of the real estate industry.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant & Standards

An online personal assistant can do anything a regular assistant performs. Although the question of accountability always come up. We recommend whomever you hire be certified by an outsourcing firm.

Our real estate virtual assistant members work remotely from home and communicate with their clients through email, Skype and sometimes by phone.

Having a competent VA does one thing: it frees you to spend less time doing routine administrative tasks to generate and maintain business. You score more time meeting with clients and showing properties.

real estate virtual assistant

Remember, real estate virtual assistant labor can prove to be an invaluable asset to your business in many ways. There are VAs who specialize in lead generation and management. Then handle leads generating tons of new business for their clients.

With a real estate virtual assistant specialist, you can save yourself hours worth of time on the phone and free up time from your email.

Real Estate Virtual Assistant & Marketing

Another valuable type of real estate virtual assistant is the Marketing Specialist VA. They are experts at marketing listings and businesses and will help you get the exposure you need.

Closely related to the marketing specialists are the social media and/or SEO expert VAs. They’re:

  • Tech-savvy
  • Updated on technology trends
  • Excellent communicators

Why Even Hire A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?traffic-cone-icon-64

Many brokers and agents are cautious when hiring a real estate virtual assistant because of the added expense.

Another hot button issue is the time involved helping your new VA learn your office system. But remember, it’s far easier to work with a fully-vetted real estate virtual assistant when they come with proven skills.

The benefit is obvious. A seamless transition into your work flow and schedule. Because of the baseline of skills our real estate virtual assistant members possess, you’ll never miss a beat (or a prospective sale).

Real Estate Virtual Assistant & Delegation Buzz

As you read this sentence, think one thing. The top agents selling more properties in this economy are doing so using industrial-strength delegation with help from a real estate virtual assistant.

Only, with one caveat. Their success hinges on hiring a real estate virtual assistant who brings real estate office experience to the game.

Learn more about our real estate virtual assistant training program.

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