Recruiting the Best of the Best For Your Real Estate Team

Growing your real estate team is important, especially if you want to expand your business reach. However, you don’t want just anybody, you want to find people who are not only brilliant in their field, but you also want to make sure you find someone who is going to be an invaluable asset. You need someone who is on the same page as you strategically, that has the same goals in mind. Adding new agents to your team that fit your criteria may be a challenge, however adopting some of these practices will definitely help get the ball rolling:

  1. Build your brand and online presence – What are you all about? What does your business aim to achieve? These are some things that someone you are recruiting will want to know. You can create a clear picture by building your brand and expanding your online presence. According to statistics (see ), 70% of people looking for jobs are now going online to find work. Having a strong brand and great online presence allows people to find you and this can be important in locating the right people for your team. Initial screens and searches can be done by your Real Estate virtual Assistant, passing on to you only those that can be seen as serious candidates. Your virtual assistant can also manage your Facebook and LinkedIn so that they are always current and attractive to potential applicants.
  2. Foster your business’ culture and core values– When someone is looking for a job, it’s not only about the profit and benefits they can earn but it is also about the working environment. A happy worker is a hard worker. It is proven that work environments that foster fun and focus on a balance between work and life, house satisfied and highly productive employees. ( read more about these kinds of workplaces here: While you may not have the kind of funds to have offices that look like bedrooms or playgrounds like Pixar or Google, ( you can definitely create an environment that plays as hard as it works. Take your office out for Friday night Karaoke, have office picnics or family days, create events that are fun and help your community. These things are extremely attractive to job seekers—but don’t do it just for them, do it because it creates a healthy and happy environment for your business.
  3. Create a checklist– Take some time to sit down and list down what constitutes a perfect candidate in your eyes. It may help to start listing down goals, what do you want your candidate to tackle, what qualities must they possess, what qualifications and experiences must they have. It may also help to require them to take profiling tests such as the DISC, to see where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
  4. Be up-to-date with technology– Another factor that can attract viable candidates (especially the younger agents) is your arsenal of technology. Use your real estate virtual assistant and find applications and programs that could help make everyone’s life easier—like Dropbox or the cloud, and find ways to integrate them into your business set-up. Being dynamic and flexible in this area can be extremely attractive to your potential candidates and extend conveniences for the rest of your team as well.
  5. Be flexible and creative– When sending out feelers and looking for applicants and potential hires, don’t stick to classified ads or online job boards. Reach out to your network and ask if they know of anyone who fits what you are looking for. Check out online profiles on LinkedIn. Another way you can interact with possible candidates is inviting them to an event you are hosting such as an open house. This is a great way to observe and create a casual way to get to know them. If you are looking to hire someone for administrative, marketing or prospecting tasks; consider hiring a Real Estate Virtual Assistant. There is little to no difference between hiring someone to work for you virtually and hiring someone to be physically in the office—not to mention the cut in costs and guaranteed increase in productivity. A real estate virtual assistant might be the perfect fit for your business set-up!
  6. Don’t forget your current team– While expanding your team is important, keep in mind that your current team should also be nurtured. Growth is not only a matter of size. Make sure that your current team is constantly being challenged and has opportunities to grow. Look at the potential of each one and foster it by providing additional training and expanding their responsibilities.

Building and expanding your team can be an exciting step for you. Just make sure you have a clear picture of what you want and keep in mind that at the end of the day it’s all about your instincts and what you know you need.

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