Your Social Media Is Missing the Mark

As we discussed in our last post, Social media is a powerful tool you can use in to boost your business. Its free, it has great reach and it is accessible to many people. However, according to research, Real Estate related social media accounts churn out the most content and yet garners the lowest rate of engagement.  Even though many Real Estate firms follow the advice of Social Media gurus on frequency of posts and posting images, the following results were found:

So why is this happening and how can you avoid wasting the potential of your Social Media platforms?

Content plus Context.
You’ve heard it said many times before, content is king. However when following this rule make sure that it is set upon a firm foundation called context. While your ultimate goal might be to facilitate a transaction for potential clients, posting your listings and nothing more may hurt your social media more than helping it. Post about other things that may pique the interest of your social network. Research has shown that, food, home and lifestyle topics account for 85 percent of the world’s most shared content. Knowing this, you can pepper your platforms with these topics and relate those to what is current and valid in your area or related to your industry.

Relationships vs. Services.
Real Estate is about more than closing deals, it’s about building relationships. 70% of real estate clients forget their agents after only a year! Think about it, not everyone in your social media network will be looking for a new home or thinking of moving, so stop focusing so much on “selling” yourself but gain interest by sharing your expertise, advice and things that interest you. Build relationships so that when someone in your network IS looking for services you offer, they will remember you because you have made a personal impression on them. Follow the 80/20 rule 80% of your content should be about what your potential client needs, wants and likes; only 20% of your posts should be about your services. A good mix will help balance out your social media feeds and draw in more interest.

A Real Estate Virtual Assistant can help you maintain that balance by sharing these guidelines and working with you to build a powerful online presence. Social Media can take a lot of time that you may not have or are unable to dedicate any to, due to the many tasks and demands your business has. Leverage a Marketing Virtual Assistant to spend time on this important part of your business and maximize the full potential of this powerful platform has.

For more social media tips check-out our blog. If you realize that you need to gain more leverage by hiring your own Real Estate Virtual Assistant, give us a call or schedule your free no-obligation consultation today!

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