Social Signals and SEO

socialsSocial media marketing used in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has grown up. Marketing professionals who have not embraced it in their business model may want to reconsider the benefits.

While it remains tricky to measure monetary return on investment (ROI), social media is here to stay. Then help your business grow. Social media has made a positive impact on how consumers and service providers interact with each other and make or break any deals online. It is just a matter of time before social media marketing will have a direct impact on your SEO.

As far back of December 2010, the signals Google uses to help rank sites (among the 200 plus factors) were updated to include social connections. Factors include:

  • Using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can impact your site rankings
  • Building your authority and credibility of your services

What This Means for Your SEO

Since Google recently moved their social search results from the bottom to the main body of search results, having a your own active social media campaign has become more important than ever. But why?

Two reasons:

  • Branded content (your posts, pictures and videos)
  • Authority in your market (are you one?)

SEO is an on-going process. One that begins with relevancy for your target keywords. Google wants to serve up highly relevant results to searchers. Always in less than one second. So if you’re selling condos in Kanosha, your site better contain highly relevant content about? Condos in Kenosha:-).

But what can you do today?

  • Start by writing highly relevant content about your market
  • Shoot for 200-300 words
  • Post this new content (weekly) on your site and social profiles
  • Create video & upload it to both your site and Facebook account

What Next?

Build meaningful relationships with your prospects using technology. But even before you start brainstorming ideas, think about consistent content. As in building a schedule you create some (text, video and or audio) at least twice a week. Keep in mind brokers using custom-produced video always capture more attention of their prospects.

If video isn’t in the cards for your team quite yet, consider audio. The goal is to produce consistent genuine content to share. Audio production is very easy. Here’s how to start:

    • Download the free version of Quicktime for Windows, click here
    • Mac users already have Quicktime on their systems
    • Once Quicktime is loaded, select File in the upper left-hand corner
  • Choose New Audio Recording
  • Click record (do a sound check to confirm levels are good)
  • Start chatting about your services or opportunities in the market
  • Upload to your Facebook profile and site
  • Share with your prospects

But remember, whatever type of content you write or produce, be sure to proof it thoroughly. Then think less is more. As in under 500 words of text. Audio files are best to keep under ten minutes. For video, two to five minutes is ideal.

Invest 15 minutes a day to carve out your social profiles. Over time, your social profiles will bring value to shoppers in your market.

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