Strategies to boost business in a low inventory market.

We are all experiencing it; we know the issues we are facing in Real Estate today. We were at the Xplode Conference in Arizona recently, and some business owners approached our CEO/Founder Daniel Ramsey. Daniel asked them his favorite question: “What are the challenges you’re facing in your (Real Estate) practice?” Their answer? “Listing inventory! There isn’t enough!” We’re sure that they aren’t the only ones feeling the squeeze right now.

Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful. Zig Ziglar

Indeed, in these difficult times; we look to innovation and creativity to find success. In this tough market, we have some tips and strategies that might help you keep your numbers up in the current low inventory market.

First off, begin by answering these questions; these may help you determine what areas in your business need some bolstering.  By answering these questions, we may be able to find some pain points that need to be addressed as well.

-What percentage of your listings are you double ending?
-Are you prospecting each and every day?
-What CRM are you using to organize and build your business for scale?
-Do you have an assistant?

Click here to read more about how to address these areas of your business.

Next, the best shot you may have is hitting those expireds, FSBO’s and the like. The following list contains the 12 D’s of Real Estate—these are some points in which you may be able to find some inventory.

The 12 D’s of Real Estate

De-Listed from MLS – Expired
Delusional – FSBO – 80% of them end up using an Agent
Death – Probate
Divorce – Attorney’s and State Filings – Separation
Debt – Can’t pay the mortgage, Income issues
Double Debt – 2nd mortgage – Deep underwater
Damage – Uninhabitable, tagged by the city, stalled construction work, fire
Disabled – Owner has lost income source
Drugs – houses shut down by city
Desperate to move- School, life, work change
Determined to move – Up grade; single, married, kids, empty nest, retirement, death
|Displacement – Absentee owners/vacant homes

Finally here are some strategies that might help you as well.

1.       Old Expired FSBOs – (2014- 2018 seems to be good years to look into).
2.       Add Value to FSBO- IVR “800” number and buyer leads.
3.       Flyers/Calls/Door knocking prior to listing.
4.       Texts/SMS- to get a conversation going.
5.       Use social media and avenues of connectedness

To hear more about practical applications for these strategies you may want to check out our webinar with one of our partners, LandVoice.

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