Top 5 Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

Recently, Social Media has become an ever present part of our day to day lives. By making it accessible through our smart phones, tablets and other devices that we carry around with us, there really is no reason not to take advantage of the different channels we have in order to boost our online presence.

Here are some noteworthy statistics:

  • 90 percent of home buyers searched online at some point during their home buying process. (NAR 2012 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers)
  • 14 percent of home buyers first looked online for information about the home buying process. (NAR Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers 2013)
  • More than half of Gen Y and Gen X buyers used a mobile device during their home search. Among those who did, 31 percent of Gen Y and 26 percent of Gen X found the home they ultimately purchased via a mobile device. (NAR Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends Report 2015)
  • Real estate related searches on Google grew 253 percent over the past four years. (Google Internal Data, Q3 2012)

This is probably why 91% of Realtors have been reported to be using social Media to some extent.  So in the midst of all the information out there and all the competition, how can you ensure that you are utilizing Social Media to increase your visibility with potential customers? Here are the Top 5 tips we have found to be most useful:

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4 Real Estate Marketing Tasks to Delegate to a Virtual Assistant

“A dollar saved is a dollar earned” as the saying goes. Who doesn’t want to save more money? Now, marketing for your real estate business can cost a pretty penny. However, with a marketing real estate virtual assistant by your side (figuratively of course), there are quite a few things that you can do on your own. Once you have a solid real estate marketing plan in place, you can look over it and find different areas and items that you can do without having to spend a lot of money.

Here are some marketing ideas that you can execute with a real estate virtual assistant:

1. Offline Marketing – There are lots of awesome programs and software, many with free versions, that you can use to create your offline or print marketing materials yourself. Getting them done professionally usually costs a lot of many and can be a waste of resources. Your can conceptualize ideas and have your real estate virtual assistant create your business cards, fliers, postcards, newsletters, mailers and even t-shirts and other swag items. Once you have the perfect design you can have them printed and voila! You have your print media ready! Some other offline marketing you can do is to host or participate in local events. Fundraisers for your favorite local charity, neighborhood yard sales and even a neighborhood barbecue. You can also participate in your community’s events by being a sponsor or just attending various community events. Find opportunities to offer your services and hand out your business cards.

2. Email Marketing– Email can be another great resource and medium for you to do your own real estate marketing. Again there are many email campaign managing software and programs available for you to use. You can send out holiday greetings, electronic newsletters, surveys etc… You can also create drip campaigns for special events or offers you may have. You can collaborate with your real estate virtual assistant and create a weekly or monthly emails schedule and create the content together. You can also reach out to other local businesses in your area and host online or live events together. For example, if there is a new restaurant opening in your area, perhaps you can give your clients or contacts a voucher or host an event there and those who give you a referral gets something for free like dessert or an appetizer. Spread the word via your email campaigns! The possibilities are limitless.

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Tips for a Winning Real Estate Website

You probably know that your Real Estate Website is extremely important. A majority of home searches occur online, and by majority, we mean a whopping 94%. In fact 96% first time home buyers start their home search online. This is why it is extremely important for you to make sure that your website is maximizing all opportunities. You want to be sure that if someone visit’s your site, it makes enough of an impression for them to share their contact information and to come back.

So what makes a winning Real Estate Website? Here are some tips to make sure your website is at its best:

1. Make your content meaningful- Aside from your listings, make sure that there is valuable information in your website. You have a chance to prove your expertise in your area and community. Local content is what can set you apart from other home search sites because what you can offer is a personal touch. Produce content that highlights your area and community, talk about the best restaurants, the school districts, local museums and beloved parks and other things that are specific and unique to your area. Not only will this be a benefit to you and those perusing your site, this will definitely help bump you up in Search Engine optimization or SEO, since the new trend is all about organic content and building your audience through the quality of your content. Be an expert in your area about your community. Make your website more than an online brochure of the properties you have for sale. Give people value by telling them what you offer and why there is no better choice than you.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing Real Estate in a Farm Area

Marketing to a farm area is more than just selling a property or two, it is establishing your reputation, building strong local relationships and taking other steps to ensure that you are go-to real estate agent. It all starts with your marketing strategy, you have to shape and adjust it according the spirit and micro culture of the people you will be working amongst. Having a Marketing Virtual Assistant may be extremely beneficial for you to keep up on researching the local area, communicating with that area and supporting your overall implementation of the marketing strategy.

The following are a few do’s and don’ts of marketing to a farm area.

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5 Tips for Using Facebook in Real Estate Marketing

America is the leading country when it comes to users of Facebook. (See here).
So how do these statistics relate to the Real Estate industry? 92% of people now use the internet in their home search, relate this to Facebook user statistics and do the math. (See here).

When it comes to your marketing, Facebook can be an extremely powerful platform and definitely should not be taken lightly. When used correctly, you or your virtual assistant can leverage your Facebook account to ramp up your marketing strategy. Here are five tips on how to utilize Facebook in your Real Estate Marketing Plan:

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Elements of Creating a Solid Real Estate Marketing Plan

How well do you sell yourself? In the real estate business you are not merely selling a product but you are in essence selling yourself. Your main goal is to convince your leads/potential clients that you are the most qualified to sell or find them their home. The best way to do this is with a solid marketing plan.

There are lots of resources to aid in boosting your marketing plan. However, you must customize the marketing strategy to ensure that it is right for your business set-up. Ideally, you want to build your marketing strategy so you are not only producing successful deals but promoting referrals, and building your personal brand. It needs to be a well-balanced plan that caters to both potential clients and fosters relationships with existing clients.

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