Coping with Restless Days – The Work at Home Professional Style

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest challenges faced by almost all work at home professionals.

Serving clients from the other side of the world literally means working on their time zone. In the local setting, staying energetic until early morning may be easy, but getting enough sleep during the day to recharge might be a problem.

So, we’ve come to this point of overcoming what we can say is the greatest disadvantage of working at home – staying constantly awake at night during workdays.

That means a minimum of eight (8) hours a day, five days a week. To be able to do that, quality rest is a must. Below are some tips to help get the needed sleep during the day:
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Outsourcing your Online Presence

The importance of business visibility has greatly influenced whether the industry will be successful or not. Being physically present and visible in the real world is not enough. With the emergence of the internet as a major media for communication, a business also needs to be visible in the virtual world. This is why small, medium and large enterprise businesses participate in different social networks like Twitter, Linkedln, a company blog or Facebook.

These social networking platforms are very beneficial for the business. Having an account with these social networks has been proven to be helpful for improving the business visibility. By using these platforms, they let their business reach their target niche clientele in real time. This is also a very convenient technique in disseminating information regarding the nature of your company and what it can give to its clients and customers. The only downside is that maintaining your visibility in these social networking platforms takes a huge chunk of the owner’s time when he is supposed to be focusing on other business goals and aspects. This is where outsourcing comes in.
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To Work or Not to Work at Home

Working at home is not as easy as it looks. It may have numerous advantages but it doesn’t mean that the work at home concept itself is perfect. It has flaws and limitations as well.

Working at home is mainly about adjustment. It is one of the main factors to be considered if you’re planning to work at home – from a busy office environment to a comfortable hearty home. Since most of these jobs are catering services for international clients, one must be able to adjust their shift according to his client’s time zone as well.

To work at home is about self discipline. Who will not be tempted to lie down in the middle of the night while everybody else is soundly asleep? It’s always about productivity – it may actually mean working your ass off till you meet your daily or weekly quota whether you’re getting your assignments from a staffing site or directly working for a client.
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Why It’s not Good to be a Virtual Assistant?

Being a virtual assistant has become one of the most popular work-at-home jobs today. Aside from competitive salary packages, virtual assistants also known as VAs can enjoy the benefit of flexible working hours. All you need is a good computer, reliable internet connection and “some” skills and you’re good to go. However, being part of the growing online community, being a virtual assistant still pose some threats and disadvantages. Below are some reasons why you need to think twice before deciding to be one:

  • Scams – It is but an undeniable fact that the ever useful World Wide Web is also the home of different online scams. There are more than a thousand of work-at-home-earn-online scams all over the internet. If you are new in becoming a virtual assistant, you may be enticed to take the bait of these online business scams. How not to be a victim? Doing a good and thorough research about the hiring company can save yourself from being fooled by these online con artists. Participate in different forums and communities for virtual assistants, these sources can help you determine if you’re going on the right track.

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An Industry on the Rise: The Virtual Assistant

First introduced into the mass media in the late 1990’s the Virtual Assistant or VA has widely become popularized in this new dawn age of technology. In a nutshell, a virtual assistant is someone that works from home and completes any given task via the computer and or internet.

The typical virtual assistant can have a variety of backgrounds. Skills that are sought for by employers are; administrative and executive assistant, web page design, data entry, office manager, real estate services and transaction coordinators just to name a few.

Virtual assistants can be either self employed and work on their own, or they can work for a virtual assistant placement agency. This is an agency in which they work for and the agency will then do the placing for them. One such agency for example, is

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