Virtual Assistant or Employee: Considerations

Choosing to hire a virtual assistant or employee is never an easy task, but the time will come when the success of your business depends on it. If you are trying to decide whether a virtual assistant or an in-house employee is the better option for you, the following considerations will help. Read more

Why It’s not Good to be a Virtual Assistant?

Being a virtual assistant has become one of the most popular work-at-home jobs today. Aside from competitive salary packages, virtual assistants also known as VAs can enjoy the benefit of flexible working hours. All you need is a good computer, reliable internet connection and “some” skills and you’re good to go. However, being part of the growing online community, being a virtual assistant still pose some threats and disadvantages. Below are some reasons why you need to think twice before deciding to be one:

  • Scams – It is but an undeniable fact that the ever useful World Wide Web is also the home of different online scams. There are more than a thousand of work-at-home-earn-online scams all over the internet. If you are new in becoming a virtual assistant, you may be enticed to take the bait of these online business scams. How not to be a victim? Doing a good and thorough research about the hiring company can save yourself from being fooled by these online con artists. Participate in different forums and communities for virtual assistants, these sources can help you determine if you’re going on the right track.

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Success and Virtual Assistants

By Jason Ramsey

Virtual Assistants have been around since the 1990’s, right around the time the internet age began to rise. Without a doubt the scope and range of the virtual assistant world has evolved leaps and bounds. On one hand, we have those that offer their services finding satisfaction in building careers in the comfort of their own homes, on the other we have those that wish to increase productivity by delegating tasks to highly qualified individuals without having to break the bank. With today’s economical difficulties, the whole set up between a virtual assistant and their clients is a win-win situation that benefits both parties immensely.

However in any good story, there are the mishaps that resonate in chat rooms and board rooms alike, tales of errors and mishaps that may leave those who are considering exploring the world of employing their very own virtual assistant or VA hesitant. Whether you are trying a Virtual Assistant for the first time, or still looking for that VA who will be a perfect fit for you and your business, a key element may be pin pointing why you decided you need to go down this path in the first place.

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What makes a Virtual Assistant?

Now, as much as I would like to pull up a recipe that has the exact specifications of what a Virtual Assistant should be… the truth remains that Virtual Assistants – take note – QUALITY Virtual Assistants, like the ones we have, CANNOT be manufactured.

It makes me imagine as this virtual factory producing Virtual Assistants according to the needs of our clients.

You need a Virtual Assistant to handle your leads?  Here is an individual with brilliant communication skills and telemarketing experience to handle your outbound calls and generate more leads!

Is your business mostly coming from short sales?  Here is a Virtual Assistant who is great at multi-tasking, trained in short sales documents, offers and contracts – not to mention good communication skills for those follow up calls to buyers and banks!

You name what you need and we’ll get you someone with the skills and qualifications to get the job done!  But how exactly do we do it?
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Virtually Dedicated to Outsourcing

Do more for less, outsource the rest.

If you read our blogs and have listened in on the interviews that my brother, Daniel, and I have been invited to, you will find that this is the main idea that we have been trying to share with small businesses owners and fellow real estate agents out there.  And we’ll say it again and again if needed, because this is something that we have not only discovered for ourselves… it is something that we have in common with the 100+ Real Estate agents who are happily reaping the benefits of outsourcing their business to a Virtual Assistant.

Outsourcing contains the 3 key elements of the Project Management Triangle.  What elements are these?

These three elements are key factors to your business’ success and here’s how outsourcing to your Virtual Assistant gives you the balance and symmetry of this triangle in your business:
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A Dollar and a Peso cross the ocean

Just finished sending our remittance via special U.S. Bank account to our accounts receivable in the Philippines. This made me wonder about pay and all those dollars being multiplied into pesos.

We had just sent our 90 Virtual assistants over $30,000 USD, which in Peso is PHP 1,300,746.  Yes, we had definitely made some wallets very fat this week.

My Social Media Virtual Assistant then says to me, do you realize you help feed 90 families in our country, and allow them all to spend a lot more time with their kids and parents.  That is something that will make any business owner feel good.

But it made me wonder about what sort of life the MyOutDesk payroll provides for our Virtual Assistants.  Is it enough?  Is it too much?  What can a $6.00 – $8.00 USD per hour VA do with the salary they receive each month? says the average operations manager in the Philippines is paid about 12,803.63 USD a year or approximately PHP 557,895.00.  We pay our operations manager 18,000 USD (PHP 780,447.60) every year.  But she is worth more and I never cease to tell her that daily.

After some research, I found that the average Salary Range for a doctor in the Philipines the doctor has 3 years experience and is working under a more experienced doctor, and they don’t own the practice. They are making an average of 387,675 annually, that equates to PHP 8,897.10 USD/year.  We pay our Advanced and manager Virtual Assistants more to start with our company.

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My Outdesk: Helping clients is NOT a service – it’s our lifestyle.

A lot has happened in our company within the past 5 months.  We hired and fired and hacked out a budget for the next year and to tell you the truth, the only fun part was watching our ranks of Virtual Assistants grow, and the networking side of the business. But alas, no business is all fun and some things we don’t enjoy doing actually bring the results we desire.

At one of the events, I met with a prospective client.  He had tried to hire a Virtual Assistant in the past and had some bad luck.  Turns out, My OutDesk came to him from word of mouth.  His friend had been Outsourcing with us for 3 months now and he mentioned that his friend was absolutely in love with his Virtual Assistant, nothing better than word of mouth referral.  I knew that My OutDesk and our unique approach to hiring Virtual Assistants could help him.  Why we do things differently is basically easy to answer:

We want every broker to find the same success we have in our own Real Estate companies through Outsourcing.  We’re invested in our clients’ success and so are their Virtual Assistants – this is not true of other Virtual Assistant companies.

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