1 Real Estate ISA = $200,000 in Commissions

By: Abby | Updated: December 31, 2019
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Talk is cheap – what we have are LIVE video results: 7 Million in trackable Sales Volume, over $200,000 in GCI, and 142 CLOSED deals with just 1 Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant (VA)!

Rex, a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA, was hired by his client about a year ago and tasked with making 100 outbound calls a day and immediate follow-up on new inquiries. In this time, he set 199 appointments, resulting in 142 transactions, 7 million trackable sales volume, and over $200,000 in GCI!

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Want to see the numbers yourself? Watch this short video below!


What’s the secret?


From the get-go, our client made sure that Rex had extensive training. His first 2 months were spent watching training videos, learning scripts, and many practice sessions.  Rex had access to his client’s arsenal of tools, and he had space to explore and learn their systems safely. Rex went through extensive role-play sessions and then got a list of their older, inactive leads to practice on. Rex also had lots of direct contact with their in-house ISA. They worked together very closely and continue to do so.  After the 2 month period, they assessed Rex and decided that he would make more calls to their active leads.


As mentioned earlier, Rex was given access to their systems and tools as soon as he came on board. They set up a dummy account first to discover all the functions of the systems and safely try out the features. Rex acknowledges the importance of doing this as it ensured his comfort in using the systems when he was fully launched into his work. Rex uses Commissions Inc. and Ring Central—while he does manual dials, he makes sure that he’s still able to hit his goal of AT LEAST 100 calls every day. He also keeps track of incoming inquiries and stays on top of new leads by reaching out to them immediately.


As a Real Estate ISA VA, Rex has a daily goal to make at least 100 calls, and he reaches out to leads as soon as possible. He has provided extreme value to his client and her business and has made himself an indispensable member of her team. Our client can see Rex and her team’s success quite easily because they have a tracking system in place. Having a tracker is essential to know your team’s progress and know how you are doing in terms of your goals. All of Rex’s calls, dials, etc., are logged and accounted for every single day.  By doing this, Rex has accountability for everything he does. This motivates him as he sees the work he can accomplish and his client’s business results.

Full Integration

Once a week, our client holds a prospecting night. This happens after business hours with the rest of the team. Everyone gets a chance to listen to each other’s calls, give feedback and learn from each other. More than that, they are given a chance to get to know each other and create a rapport that strengthens their team. Rex recounts these sessions and says he enjoys them immensely. Not only does he get a chance to learn and improve, but he feels that he is truly part of the team. He feels like he is part of the family, and it motivates him to work even harder. Allowing Rex to experience these sessions has built loyalty and dedication, more than simply a job; Rex treats the business like his own because he feels connected with the team and with his client. This is an important element in any team, especially with a Virtual Assistant. By making them feel connected and not like a separate person or entity, you strengthen your whole team and business.

Do you want a Real Estate Virtual Assistant on your team who can generate commission like Rex? Then, book your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how you can grow your business and gain more leverage like our client did!



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