Achieve the Dream – Scaling as a Franchisee | With Brian Beers

By: Jeremy | Updated: August 6, 2020


Brian Beers and his family currently own and operate 12 Midas® franchises in the Philadelphia area. He shares what talent means for his franchise businesses and his journey to getting the leverage that he needs.


“We used outsource companies in the past and have some varying experiences. I really like about [MyOutDesk] is all the work that you guys do upfront to find the right virtual assistant — ensuring that we’re getting a high-quality, well-vetted candidate because the biggest challenge or a roadblock is TRUST.”


How to scale profits with a franchise business


Brian’s family has been in the business of owning franchises for a long time. With a virtual assistant, they doubled their business in the last 3-4 years, and in the next couple of years they’re looking to double again. His virtual assistant, Ann, handles tasks independently. Brian compliments her achievements in our interview.


The virtual assistant directly works with his managers to get things done. These tasks are now completely off his radar, and Brian shares his “great experience for his franchise locations!


“We got to try to multiply our efforts, and that’s really where the virtual assistant comes into play. They take away the everyday tasks, so that I could focus on higher-value outcomes and continue to work towards these larger goals.”

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