Caitlyn Rathgeb: Leverage Your Time & Achieve Greater Success!

By: Tim | Updated: February 26, 2020

Caitlyn Rathgeb is the Director of Client Care for Hergenrother Realty – the #4 top-ranked RealTrends team in America. What’s her secret to delivering a world-class customer experience? MyOutDesk virtual assistants! Her organization leverages them to dominate the Burlington, Vermont market with over 2,000 transactions a year.

“My VA has saved me in so many ways, because when the workload is piling up and I’m feeling buried, I know I can turn to her and leverage those tasks. It really is powerful being able to know that Clarissa and our virtual assistants are there – knowing that we’re not doing it all ourselves. We love MyOutDesk based on the value of the candidates and the skill set, and the significant cost savings. It’s definitely a great opportunity!”

Caitlyn oversees the Client Care Division and also focuses on training and coaching Operations Coordinators, who are responsible for listing management, transaction coordination and client care, and finding optimizations for scalability and efficiency. MyOutDesk virtual assistants have been a big part of enabling her to juggle the workload in her position and still ensure that her clients are fully served. Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session to find out how to leverage MyOutDesk virtual assistants in your business!

Caitlyn graduated from the University of Vermont in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science. Upon graduating, she gained experience in sales and event planning, which helped her to develop the essential skills needed to lead, manage, and be a proactive team player. Caitlyn prides herself on exceptional customer service, dedication to her team and clients, and an energetic and positive attitude.

“You know, I’ve gone through the interview process multiple times now with MyOutDesk – and it’s been so easy and so simple! I’ve gotten a very speedy response and great resumes. One thing I love is being able to say, ‘Hey, here’s the skill set we’re looking for’ and getting resumes that are really matched to the person that we need.”

There’s nothing better than the quality, value & flexibility offered by MyOutDesk virtual assistants, which is why thousands of business owners across the country rely on our virtual assistants. In Caitlyn’s case, having the reassurance that she can leverage her time to focus on her “one thing” while knowing that the repetitive, time-consuming tasks in her day are handled by virtual assistants is an invaluable tool in her role – and it can be the same for you as well. Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session to get started today!