Erik Brown Client Success Story

By: David | Updated: April 18, 2019

Erik Brown is a Beverly Hills Luxury REALTOR® & TV Host, and he says, “I have the world’s best assistant.” For almost 5 years, his MyOutDesk virtual assistant Colleen has been making calls, scheduling appointments, creating marketing campaigns, and helping Erik close deals in one of America’s most competitive luxury markets!

Erik says, “Last year, my virtual assistant was directly responsible for at least 6-7 Luxury (huge) transactions in my market.” That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions from a single virtual assistant!

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Erik is part of the MOD Family and is an accomplished Realtor, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Speaker, and Author who has sold hundreds of properties in multiple states, started and sold multiple businesses and investments, and pushed the envelope of life countless times.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Erik is the author of “1 in a Million,” arguably the most influential book for those in need of a professional Realtor experience.

P.S. if you’re a Realtor and you haven’t written a book yet, check out his below!

Link to Erik’s book on Amazon “1 in a Million.”

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