Erin McCormick-Torres: Focus On Your One Thing & Give The Rest Away!

By: Tim | Updated: February 21, 2020

Erin McCormick-Torres is the Chief Operating Officer at Hergenrother Realty – the #4 top-ranked RealTrends team in America. What’s her secret to success? MyOutDesk virtual assistants! Her organization leverages them to dominate the Burlington, Vermont market with over 2,000 transactions a year.

“I actually don’t like personally the word delegate. I prefer leverage, because I think it speaks to opportunity. When you view it as I’m not giving this person a this task because I’m too good for it – I’m giving them them an opportunity to contribute. It’s a growth opportunity for someone else on my team, and it allows me to be freed up for things that are dollar producing.”

Erin believes that every successful agent has what Gary Keller calls their “one thing” – and if they’re wasting time on paperwork & repetitive administrative tasks, it takes them away from doing what really matters: the dollar productive opportunities that generate new business.

That’s why Erin has implemented MOD virtual assistants throughout the Hergenrother organization – supporting agents, brokers & executives with administrative expertise to allow them to focus on what matters. If you’d like to learn how to leverage virtual assistants in your business, learn how MyOutDesk can help boost your productivity for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now!

As Chief Operating Officer for Adam Hergenrother Companies, Erin oversees listing management, transaction coordination, finance, marketing, client care, and agent services. She also works on branding and positioning, lead generation strategies, content development, and overall marketing strategies for Adam Hergenrother Training, BlackRock Construction, Adam Hergenrother Foundation, and Keller Williams Vermont.

“Look really hard at your calendar, because if its filled up with tasks that aren’t actually income producing then it’s time for you to hire. By eliminating six hours of things on your calendar that don’t matter by hiring a virtual professional, you can use that time purposefully to generate more business – and you’re going to pay for that leverage many, many times over.”

Outside of her COO role, Erin is also a licensed Realtor, runs the popular Vermont blog Travel Like a Local: Vermont just published her first book and enjoys consulting with Vermont businesses on marketing, branding, and audience acquisition strategies. She handles a lot of tasks, but she doesn’t do it alone: her virtual assistants support her 100% of the way, giving her the ability to apply her expertise to top-level tasks that make a difference!

It comes down to leverage: if you don’t have it in your business, get it now! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session now, and drill down on doing your one thing to the absolute best of your abilities.

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