MyOutDesk Client John Patton visits his VA in the Philippines

By: Abby | Updated: February 24, 2019

Would you call your employees “dear friends”? Would you visit them halfway across the world? These are the kinds of relationships that MyOutDesk fosters between our clients and virtual assistants. In this video, John Patton visits his VA Brian in the Philippines, and they tell us about the partnership they’ve built and the value Brian adds to the business.

“Brian is my right hand man, he helps me with many tasks, and he’s always very successful. I wanted to introduce him to everybody because a lot of our customers have been working with him. This is the first time I’ve actually met him in person, and it’s been a very special week.”

Brian has several key responsibilities in John’s business and helps John run his business efficiently while staying focused on his revenue-productive activities. Do you want Virtual Assistants who will be valuable to your business, just like John? Then, schedule your double my Business Strategy Session to find out how!

MyOutDesk does more than simply provide talent to give you leverage in your business. We also aim to foster business partnerships between our clients and Virtual Assistants built on loyalty, trust, and commitment – and that’s why John has remained a satisfied MyOutDesk client since 2015 and with two wonderful Virtual Assistants.

“Our customers are very happy with the level of service that they receive from us – the followup & the fact that we respond very quickly to emails & messages and stay on top of things. I can’t do all that myself, and I have to give a lot of the credit to Brian, and of course to Andrea who works for us in Manila.”

John began his real estate career in the auction business, where he assisted developers, banks, and homeowners in solving their real estate problems utilizing the auction sales method. Eventually, John transitioned into residential real estate with his primary focus on investment properties, with clients including landlords looking for rental properties and investors looking for fix and flip opportunities.

John’s experience with distressed properties in the auction business and managing a large portfolio of single-family and multi-family rental properties in South Florida and the Midwest affords him a unique perspective when identifying real estate investment opportunities.

Don’t miss this awesome video, and don’t forget to schedule your Double MyBusiness Strategy Session.