Kristan’s VAs Are So Good She’s Crying For Joy!

Kristan Cole was a little skeptical when she hired her first virtual assistant. "I thought that all I could use them for are high-suitability tasks, and tasks that don't require a lot of personal interaction," she says, "but that's not true! They call clients, they set appointments, they do it all."

Kristan Cole was a little skeptical when she hired her first virtual assistant. “I thought that all I could use them for are high-suitability tasks and tasks that don’t require a lot of personal interaction,” she says, “but that’s not true! They call clients. They set appointments. They do it all.”

Calling to schedule appointments can be tedious work, and at times it can be challenging for anyone. In Kristan’s fast-paced, top-producing real estate office, she was concerned that the ramp-up time for her real estate virtual assistants would be too much. “Surely another person in a different country who doesn’t speak the same language wouldn’t be able to do this,” she thought,“….but that’s not the truth.”

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There’s always an adjustment when you add a new team member – and hiring a virtual assistant is no different. Real estate agents are especially prone to the “do it yourself” mentality and letting go of daily administrative tasks can be a little scary.

Kristan says, “You have to be willing to let go of your calendar. Most people are afraid of that, but it’s the most freeing thing on the planet. Now, I get up and do what my calendar says to do – I don’t waste a bunch of time trying to organize things – I tell people to schedule it with my VA’s. As I’ve learned how capable these ladies are, I’ve given them more control. They understand the workload, are very good at what they do and understand me very well now!

If people had any idea how much work my virtual assistants get done, they’d be amazed. They don’t have any distractions, and as I’ve grown, they’ve grown too – becoming more systematized, more efficient, extremely loyal, and protective of my money too (which I love!). My virtual assistants are always looking for a way to save money or find a better product that works better, and that saves me from having to spend time finding a better mousetrap.

Last year, two of my virtual assistants flew to Manila on the main Island to meet my other VA and film a happy birthday video for me. They paid for it on their own dime. It was a surprise for my birthday – and when I saw it, I cried. I just literally cried. That’s when I knew that our office culture was alive & well.”

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