Manish Chanda Client Success Story

By: Abby | Updated: March 30, 2019

Everything that I would need to do in terms of administration and communication, except anything that involves opening doors or meeting with clients and making presentations. Actually, I have 4 different. My original one was an EA, Executive Assistant who took care of most of the marketing and the transaction and listing of the business. I have replaced her because she was ill with a transaction manager at this point. However, during that time, I hired an ISA who just turned out to be brilliant, and he has been promoted to become our sales manager for the team. He has a full-time assistant who is also virtual doing data work, research, and some marketing support, and now we have a second ISA or OSA to assist them with the process, so that runs it up to four.

The key thing is leverage. I have to replicate myself in so many different tasks, and I have 24 hours. However, to grow a business, you need more than that, and that’s what the leverage of people comes in and multiplying that effect. One of the key things is, you’ve got people who are amazingly talented, skilled, and able to do the job because they’re very eager and motivated for a fraction of the cost that would take you to hire somebody in your local marketplace.

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