Mark Schwaiger & HR Industry Virtual Assistants

By: Tim | Updated: July 31, 2019

Mark Schwaiger is an innovative, hardworking Maryland-based entrepreneur focused on growing in human resources and sales management. As the managing partner of Infiniti HR and Infiniti Benefits, his goal is to create a genuine connection between employer and employee. He says,

“Our main driver for outsourcing is that we’re doing a lot of different transactional activities with our clients. We provide payroll benefits, human resources, and risk management activities. This deals with state & local agencies – in 46 states, and all of those states are different. There’s just a lot of moving parts to what we do, and every market is different.

I’ve given my staff the task of compiling a list of repetitive activities that need to be done – but they don’t need to be done by everyone in our office. We outsource those, and it allowed us to be less transactional in our approach to our clients, which allowed us to be more relationship-focused. That’s really what drove the “ah-ha” moment for us, but now that we’ve embraced it, we’re up to 3 or 4 virtual assistants with MyOutDesk. We want our client experience to be more meaningful, and outsourcing repetitive tasks are just a great medium to achieve that.

We have our top reps in the USA getting greater job satisfaction now because they can focus more on developing relationships & creating new business with clients rather than task-work like simply handling claims. MyOutDesk allows us to scale more quickly & be more profitable at the same time.”

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