$650 Million In Sales – Thanks To MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants!

By: Abby | Updated: January 22, 2020

Matt O’Neill Real Estate is the #1 team in Charleston, South Carolina, with over $650 Million in real estate sold. In addition, he’s helped over 1,300 Charleston-area families and refined his process into the Matt O’Neill Marketing System – something he says is proven to sell homes for maximum value. Matt’s track record is spectacular – but it wouldn’t have been possible without help from MyOutDesk virtual assistants.

Matt says, “To get a good listing coordinator in my town is about $60,000 a year, not to mention office space and other expenses. But, we have 3 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants with an awesome work ethic and an even better attitude, and we were able to scale our business at a third or half the cost.”

Matt says hiring his Virtual assistants has been a low-cost decision that has given him a high reward. So schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and scale your business like Matt!

The Wall Street Journal rated Matt O’Neill’s team as the #1 HIGH-END REAL ESTATE TEAM in the State of South Carolina. He projects they will close over 200 million in sales this year alone, and he hired 3 MyOutDesk Virtual Assistants.

Matt overcame his initial apprehensions & concerns about communication, trustworthiness, and physical location after hiring his first virtual assistant. In fact, he had such a good experience that he hired two more VAs and planned on adding even more virtual staff shortly. Matt’s team currently has 38 agents, and he says that his Virtual Assistants have brought value to him personally and are a valuable asset to the whole team.

Today, Matt O’Neill’s system for helping his clients is recognized as one of the very best in the country. What makes this system unique is that his team responds to prospect inquiries & client calls within minutes. He’s also proud of spending over 137x more to market his team’s homes than the average agent – and all of their listings come with a performance guarantee instead of locking clients into 12-month contracts.

Matt credits the largest part of his success not to his system but his team: he’s incredibly proud of the people on his staff at Matt O’Neill Real Estate and says, “You won’t find a more caring, loving, and helpful group of people anywhere else. Every person in our company is dedicated to helping clients move forward in life by achieving their goals.”