Virtual Assistant Fills Massive Gap In Seth Struiksma’s Business!

By: Abby | Updated: August 15, 2019

Do you have gaps in your business that you need to address? Then, book a double My Business Strategy Session today to find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can give you the leverage to bridge those gaps.

When Seth uncovered a massive process gap in his business, his Real Estate coach recommended hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) to close the gap. While he was generating many leads, he had no systems or human resources in place to nurture and convert them. After researching and looking for recommendations, he discovered MyOutDesk. Seth has a unique way of generating leads and needed someone to manage the data they received consistently and then follow-up and nurture them to convert into business. His Virtual Assistant, Christine, has been instrumental in closing this huge pain point in Seth’s business. According to Seth, “She’s super diligent and makes sure that we’re not missing any opportunities.”

In the beginning, Seth said that a significant hurdle was training Christine and introducing her to their systems already in place. Still, she immediately understood their processes and created a system of her own that they are now utilizing, and she has made a tremendous difference in their operations. In addition, she started implementing things to make herself, and ultimately, Seth’s business, more successful. He reports that Christine can set at least 6-10 appointments a week and saves hundreds of hours a week because of her!

Seth has embraced the blended business model and has built a good relationship with his Virtual Assistant, Christine. They have built a strong professional relationship, and he trusts her completely. Ensure you catch the full conversation to hear more about Seth’s experiences with his MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant.

In 2006, Seth moved to San Diego to attend San Diego State University (SDSU) to pursue a degree in Real Estate Finance. Concurrently, he studied abroad in Madrid, Spain, where he endeavored to strengthen his Spanish speaking skills by embracing the culture for nine months, resulting in a fulsome and sophisticated view of the language, people, and culture. While studying at SDSU, Seth was an active member of the Board of Directors for the Real Estate Society. This organization helped Seth with networking skills, raising capital for projects, public speaking, leadership, and many other things the classroom can’t teach a student. Seth graduated with concurrent Bachelor’s degrees in Real Estate Finance and Spanish in 2010.

Upon graduation, Seth began his esteemed career working for local development and commercial real estate brokerage. He developed a robust understanding of investment, sales, design, negotiations, and customer service. Shortly after, he began investing in real estate for himself on a full-time basis. Seth partnered with a colleague, starting their own real estate investment company, culminating in the acquisition, renovation, and selling of over 40 properties throughout San Diego County.

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