Stephanie Masterson – Our Virtual Assistant Is A Lifesaver!

By: Tim | Updated: March 5, 2020

Stephanie Masterson is the President & Chief Sales Consultant for Central Ohio’s #1 Top-Producing Team – and relies on MyOutDesk VA’s to support the daily demands of her fast-paced residential real estate brokerage. Stephanie runs The Raines Group / HER Realtors, and uses her virtual assistant to support her client service managers to expedite paperwork, listings, MLS entries, and much more!

“We have a virtual assistant with MyOutDesk – she’s awesome, and helps our client service managers run their day to day business. So whether that’s data entry or calendar invites – you name it and she does it. We absolutely love her: she supports for our client service managers, so they can return support the agents.”

In the Raines Group, virtual assistants play a solid support role, focused on keeping the repetitive, non-dollar-productive tasks under control while her in-house staff focuses on maximizing luxury sales in the high-commission New Albany market. Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can support your team like they’re helping the Raines Group!

The Raines Group is on The Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 List and REALTOR Magazine’s top 100 Realtors list for their work in luxury real estate. In addition to Ron and Sandy Raines’ selection as members of Star Power, they’ve been awarded “Best Overall Marketing” by the Institute of Luxury Home Marketing. These prestigious honors are a tribute to the hard work & expertise of everyone on Stephanie’s team – including her VA:

“Once she learns the task you know that it’s done. You don’t have to think about it twice. It’s just been a lifesaver for us, especially for the data entry portion of what we do with with transactions, inputting data, setting up our MLS sheets and helping us be proactive about getting stuff done.”

In her current role as President, Stephanie most enjoys helping people meet their dreams by exceeding expectations, delivering world-class service, and providing operational excellence. In working with her virtual assistant, she focused initially on training, followed by setting achievable goals and expectations, and gradually adding new tasks over time as her VA mastered their in-house systems. This made her virtual assistant an intrinsic asset & let Stephanie’s team focus on what truly matters.

“Our VA is amazing at what she does. I think the hardest part is when she goes on vacation and we’re like, oh my gosh, we have to do this and that, or it doesn’t get done. That’s the biggest thing is when she’s gone. We really feel it but we like for her to have her time off and we figure it out. When she’s not here, we definitely feel it.”

The Raines Group is one of the hundreds of industry-leading organizations leveraging the power of MyOutDesk virtual assistants to save money & boost productivity. You should be doing the same! Schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today and find out how a MyOutDesk Virtual Assistant can support you to boost your business.