In 2016, Wanda Smith hired a MyOutDesk Real Estate ISA Virtual Assistant, and it transformed her business – growing her transaction volume by a whopping 322%! One of her colleagues recently asked her, “How can you afford it, Wanda?” Her answer? “I can’t afford NOT to! Since hiring a virtual assistant, my business has increased 322% in ONLY one year.”

In the beginning, like many people, Wanda was apprehensive—but she knew herself, and she knew she needed help. Wanda’s Virtual Assistant does her social media, calls clients, nurtures leads, and basically everything Wanda needs to be taken care of to get her in front of more clients and close more deals.

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Her Virtual Assistant has empowered her to focus on what she does best—facing clients and closing deals. Now, Wanda sees her Virtual Assistant as a business partner. She decided to trust MyOutdesk and take the plunge, and we are delighted to see how things have worked out for them both.

Wanda’s advice: “Trust in the process, invest in the process and invest in yourself. We cannot do it all, so we need to learn to trust and delegate certain tasks to people like MyOutDesk. For example, you have to know what lane you like to drive on and find people who will help you stay on that lane. Whether you drive fast or slow, you will not crash if you are in the right lane. MyOutDesk helps me stay on my lane.”