Why Hawaii Top-5 Team Lally Loves Virtual Assistants!

By: Tim | Updated: September 5, 2019

Team Lally is currently ranked in the Top 5 Real Estate Team in the State of Hawaii for Sales & Volume! Additionally, Adrienne Lally, President of Team Lally, has been awarded 7-time consecutive years in Hawaii Business Top 100 Realtors in Hawaii.

The awards include top-ranked teams in all production categories, including homes sold, Gross Commission Income, and several listings taken and sold.

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Team Lally hired a MyOutDesk virtual assistant & created a remarkable success story in the process. They did the sticky challenge, found a collection of repetitive tasks to give to their assistant, and were able to free up valuable time to spend growing their business & giving their clients the care, attention & respect they pride themselves on delivering.

Adrienne’s success with virtual assistants isn’t a fluke: you can achieve the same remarkable growth & transformation in your real estate business that Team Lally has. So make sure you schedule your Double My Business Strategy Session today. Let MyOutDesk transform your real estate business with administrative, prospecting, marketing & transaction coordination VA services!

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