Tristan Ahumada MyOutDesk Testimonial

Tristan Ahumada: Name is Tristan Ahumada. I work with Keller Williams Realty out of West Lake

Village and we cover some of the Southern California area, Ventura County, and the Los Angeles


Tell us how long you have been a client?

Tristan Ahumada: I have been a MyOutDesk client for almost a year now and I started with an ISA

first and it’s been, it’s been pretty amazing since then. Since then I’ve hired 2 more ISAs, one as a

marketing person part-time and then another part-time that’s heading in to full-time ISA.

What does your Virtual Assistant do to help your business?

Tristan Ahumada: So the things that they do are a little different. Obviously the marketing person

is the one that gathers all my listings, puts them up on Facebook, makes sure we put them up on

the websites possible to get as much advertising possible. And so they handle that part of it. They

even input some into the MLS as well. Now the ISAs, the 2 ISAs I have, they’re different. One of them

is in charge of combing all of our database and going through making sure that the people that look

like they’re actually dead to kind of resuscitate them and bring them back to life. So this way,

we’ll have a higher conversion rate. The second ISA serves a very specific purpose. Our lead

coordinator, my main ISA is in my office. And what he does is as soon as a lead comes through, he

calls them within the 5 minutes and then if he doesn’t reach them, he tries to call them, text them,

email them, sometimes video text them for 2 days. So he tries to touch them at least 6-7 times for

those 2 days. Once the 2 days past and he hasn’t been able to reach them, then at that point, we use

our second ISA that I brought in. That’s second ISA is in charge of connecting with this client that

we haven’t been able to reach for 7 days straight. So either by call, text, email, we’ve got the whole

system down. But that in itself has helped our conversion rate go through the roof because a lot of

the times when we would assign that lead too early to an agent, that agent usually goes and tries to

get the low-bearing fruit. That’s what most agents do. So our ISAs are in-charge of making sure we’re

connecting really strongly with this people first, before we hand them out to an agent.

What is the ROI/value that MOD provides your business?

Tristan Ahumada: Once, that’s a great question, because once I had the system down, once I knew

exactly how to use my ISA, then at that point I could see the return coming back very quickly. It’s in a

month. In month I’m paying for them for the whole year. Our market is LA, Ventura County so it’s

pretty easy to do that. But I’ve got it very specific here, it’s after you have the system down. I’ve heard a

lot of people tell me, “Well you know, MyOutdesk is great. It’s a great idea but, the ISA’s

they’re not so great, right?” Because of this, because of that, I go well, “Do you have a system down,

are you telling me exactly what to do?”. Because asking me for the specific, you have to tell him

what to do and what the results should be. So I think that’s important.

Tell us how you successfully onboarded your VA…

Tristan Ahumada: The ISAs that I’ve hired for Virtual Assistance, I think it’s the accountability.

The accountability and also making sure that they have a structured day. Hey look, as soon as you

come in, this is exactly what you’re gonna be doing. And this is what I expect from you and just

email me at the end of the day and let me know what the results were so I know that they are

aligned to what I have envisioned for you because if they’re not, I need to retouch it a week later, 2

weeks later. We just need to make sure that we’ve refined it as much as possible.

Tell us about your VA’s language/communication skills…

Tristan Ahumada: I know that’s a great question. That was my main concern at the beginning. Are these people gonna

speak English well? And yes, their English is amazing. My ISA, one of them is Sandra and Sandra’s

English is great. She uses the word cool and awesome like as if it’s so native to her. That was a surprise

to me, so when she communicates to people on the other end, the leads that are coming through, it’s,

it’s just very natural and people on the other end just, they don’t even notice that she’s from the, in

from the Philippines. Her English is amazing. So I think that was the number 1 concern I have. Are

these people gonna be able to speak English well and not have an accent? And the answer is yes.

What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?

Tristan Ahumada: uses me to go and speak to different parts of the nation because

we use products. Heavy. We purchase a lot of leads online and we also have a lot of PPC

through Google and Bing, through Commissions Inc. But the opportunity I have with is it

allows me to speak to so many different realtors at different levels in their business. And I get

pretty personable with them and they start telling me about, “Well, this is what I’m doing”, “This is

where I’m at”, “What should I be doing?” And what I notice a lot is the holes, they need help

because they’re trying to do everything on their own. They’re trying to convert. They’re trying to go

out and show property. They’re trying to do this and that. And a lot of the missing pieces, from

when I talk to brokers and teams, is they need an ISA. You need an ISA and that’s an Internal Sales

Agent. Somebody who is gonna call these leads and help you with the conversion. I think that right there,

is the biggest, biggest issue most realtors have. The conversion. And it comes down to the follow up.

So I think that’s where MyOutdesk can come in and really help with your conversion rate.

***MyOutDesk’s part-time services have been discontinued.

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