Tristan Ahumada Testimonial

I have been a MyOutDesk client for almost a year now and I started with an ISA first and it’s been, it’s been pretty amazing since then. Since then I’ve hired 2 more ISAs, one as a marketing person part-time and then another part-time that’s heading in to full-time ISA.

Once I had the system down, once I knew exactly how to use my ISA, then at that point I could see the return coming back very quickly. It’s in a month. In month I’m paying for them for the whole year. Our market is LA, Ventura County so it’s pretty easy to do that. But I’ve got it very specific here, it’s after you have the system down. I’ve heard a lot of people tell me, “Well you know, MyOutdesk is great. It’s a great idea but, the ISA’s they’re not so great, right?” Because of this, because of that, I go well, “Do you have a system down, are you telling me exactly what to do?”. Because asking me for the specific, you have to tell him what to do and what the results should be. So I think that’s important.

My main concern was language skills at the beginning. Are these people gonna speak English well? And yes, their English is amazing. My ISA, one of them is Sandra and Sandra’s English is great. She uses the word cool and awesome like as if it’s so native to her. That was a surprise to me, so when she communicates to people on the other end, the leads that are coming through, it’s, it’s just very natural and people on the other end just, they don’t even notice that she’s from the, in from the Philippines. Her English is amazing. So I think that was the number 1 concern I have. Are these people gonna be able to speak English well and not have an accent? And the answer is yes. What would you tell a colleague thinking about utilizing one of our Virtual Assistants?