Do VAs Reduce Work-Related Stress?

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By now, assuming you haven’t been living under a rock for the past year, you must have heard of the concept of virtual assistants.

Virtual Assistants are taking both small and big businesses by storm. Perhaps you may even know a few people who have hired a Virtual Assistant or two. Although the concept is becoming increasingly familiar (especially in the world of real estate) there is still some confusion as to what exactly virtual assistants can do. More importantly, why you should consider hiring one yourself.

Back in The Day

Think back to when you first decided to pursue a career in real estate.

  • What was it that excited you?
  • Was it working with people equally passionate about the field?
  • The thrill of helping someone find and purchase the perfect home?
  • The challenge of getting a home sold in a difficult market?

Whatever your reasons, they probably didn’t involve a lot of tedious paperwork or answering hundreds of emails. Or spending hours writing blogs and managing your social media presence.

Unfortunately, these mundane and less-than-thrilling tasks are an essential part of any real estate professional’s life. The good news is these are the types of tasks a virtual assistant can do for you.

Daily Stress Reduces Earning Potential

Self-talk. We all do it. Today I need to…

When does today’s list end? Probably never. Successful agents know the secrets to lowering stress which convert into selling more properties requires tactics.

  • Filtering. It’s the process of managing distractions throughout your day. Then delegating non-performing tasks to support staff.
  • Delegation. It’s the crown jewel of success. You can’t return every telephone call and email. But your staff can.
  • Skating. Do you take steps to recover from your day or plan it for a better tomorrow? We all skate by to survive tough work days. But an organized plan for today makes tomorrow more stress-free.

How Much Do You Delegate?

As much as possible.

Virtual assistants are skilled individuals who can assist you with administrative, marketing, management and other tasks leaving you free to focus on the key priorities of your business.

If you have ever felt stressed or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of the administrative work, hiring a virtual assistant may be the best solution for you. Get the right person in place and you can entrust all your routine tasks to them such as screening your e-mail and responding on your behalf, preparing and writing contracts. Even managing your social media network postings.

Hiring a VA is much more cost-effective than hiring a physical employee. You don’t need to worry about most of the usual overhead costs that come with hiring manpower. Delegating tasks to a VA versus a physical employee helps ease the burden on your budget increasing your profit margin in the long run.

You can also minimize the hassle and stress of having to recruit and train a new assistant. Well, provided you hire a VA who’s been fully vetted and trained before you meet them.

Learn how we train our VAs.

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