3 Secrets to Interviewing a Virtual Assistant Company

virtual assistant companiesThe growth of virtual assistant companies is reaching new highs every quarter. It’s no surprise. Global manpower is robust.

But the real test of success is in their training and support. No other factors matter because starting from ground zero with a new virtual assistant comes with risks and rewards. Risk can be exponential in your time, capital and even your eventual new virtual assistant hire. The following three questions (and our recommended answers) are musts if you plan on working with some of the best in the business…

Virtual Assistant Company Question #1

How long have you been in the business and what kind of placement success have you had?

Be very careful of any answer that mentions new. In this economy start-ups come with risk. Unless they have a lengthy list of clients, chances are they’re operating on a thin budget. Granted, some good companies hungry for your business exist. However, if they can’t meet payroll or struggle with cash flow guess who pays the price? You and your VA.

On the other side of the issue are firms that have not grown with technology. Ones without a full support team testing VA skills will undoubtedly should be considered second-tier possibles. Because successful virtual assistant companies specializing in off-site labor outsourcing rely on fast access to file sharing, it’s vital to work with one that can manage network bottlenecks and support.
Getting a VA|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvsZqhUnnyc

Virtual Assistant Company Question #2

What kind of training can you guarantee my new VA has completed?

There’s good answers and then one that should raise red flags. Good answers include:

  • A mandatory in-house training program
  • Training that comes with testing for pass or fail
  • Technology and software product skills assessments
  • Minimum VA qualification standards

Poor answers include ones that put the training evaluation on the shoulders of the VA.

Virtual Assistant Company Question #3

Do you offer your VAs additional training once they begin working for us?

No organization can survive without growing in both technology advancements and new business generation techniques. Virtual assistant companies with continuous training throughout the year should go to your A list. So often companies train only when the need arise. Usually many months too late. Firms that are proactive in helping their VAs develop better skills are ones that believe in providing you with long-term growth. Especially ones that screen record their training sessions. Doing so allows VAs the opportunity to review the videos as reference.

Interviewing virtual assistant companies is a process which requires careful planning. We recommend setting a schedule over 2-4 weeks to assess your prospects.

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