Can A Virtual Assistant Improve Your Business?

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It’s a New Year and it’s time for some new goals. MyOutDesk has some exciting things planned this year.

We are getting the top real estate coaches and masterminding with the top agents. We’ll talk about FSBOs, expired listings, circle & sphere prospecting. Click here to join the new mastermind!

What’s even better is we are going to show how to do all of this with the help of a virtual assistant. Hiring an in-house ISA can get expensive. With our virtual assistant we can get you the prospecting you need, with less cost.

Doug Leugers of Real Estate Experts has taken advantage of the Vulcan 7 program. His virtual assistant works as an ISA and is making 3-4 appointments a week; he soon will be making one a day.

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We have Transaction & Listing Coordinators, Inside Sales Assistants or Prospectors, and Marketing Assistants available for interview, Schedule Now (click here)!

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