Virtual Assistant Top 5 Hiring Blunders to Avoid

“I will never hire a virtual assistant,” a broker once said along side a group of us at a recent conference. The broker has been in a double-digit market decline in his small southwest office for years.

I know he how feels. When your commissions are MIA it’s natural to cut every single line item expense. In fact, here’s a top five list we developed over the years for those considering a virtual assistant hire.
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#5. Beware of Virtual Assistant Hiring Blunders

Stay clear of agencies dabbling in too many industries. From a business model perspective, it’s tempting to keep growing. However, we’ve found the VAs most successful come from agencies with a proven track record of sales and administrative support.

#4. Multi-Tasking Virtual Assistant Mishaps

You would think multi-tasking is ideal. After training hundreds of VAs over the years, we’ve built a systematic profiling method to separate the true multi-taskers from the wannabees.

For example, lead generation and follow up are two skill sets we identify quickly. Without them you’ll be tossing your money out the window without a good ROI.

 #3. Virtual Assistant Training Train Wreck

No brainer here. “I don’t have time to train anyone,” many business owners think. They’re right. Do not  even think about training  your VA in basic support tasks. You’ll just drive yourself crazy. Instead, consider firms that provide at least a two week training program for new VAs.

 #2. No Bogus Virtual Assistant References

Face it. What you read online may or may not be true. Get telephone numbers of current clients using your prospective VA firm. Then make the calls. Ask hard questions.

#1. Fanatical Virtual Assistant Follow Up

Many of us do it. Someone emails or calls us. We email or call back. Suddenly a cold prospect becomes a warm buyer or seller.

In virtual assistant land, it’s instrumental to have persistent follow up. If you suddenly find your virtual assistant unavailable for days on end, guess what? Game over. You hired the wrong one.

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