New Report Ranks Virtual Assistants on Rise in Real Estate Industry

virtual assistantsVirtual assistants are helping lower real estate agent business expenses in 2013. What was once considered too costly of a line item expense is no longer the case.

From Dallas, TX to the shores of Newport, RI agents are discovering outsourcing highly-skilled virtual assistants is drastically more affordable compared to just two years ago.

Virtual Assistants & Global Hiring

The rise in global hiring agencies has contributed to this phenomenon. MyOutDesk chief Daniel Ramsey agrees. “We’ve grown over the last few years for one reason,” he admits. “A thriving pool of talented candidates.”

The benefit agents and brokers see right out of the gate is tech skills. As reported in 2011 by US News there’s been a shift in off-site hiring and training. Ramsey comments, “Whenever you have skilled labor resources such as virtual assistants, there’s always going to be a market for their time. Even in a difficult housing market, we’re seeing blockbuster demand for virtual assistants.”

Virtual Assistants & Market Penetration

The top five industries employing virtual assistants include:

  1. Real estate
  2. Mortgage services
  3. Elder services
  4. Financial (B2C)
  5. IT & data management

Leading firms agree the trend is on the rise. The reach of a global economy now includes a diversely-talented labor force. All the rules of traditional support staffing have fallen by the wayside. Outsourced labor now thrive at all corners of the world connected by email, Skype video and audio conferencing.

Virtual assistantsVirtual Assistants Are Near and Everywhere

Due to the ease of Skype technology, it’s no longer troubling for tech-challenged managers. Video conference calling with Skype is a mere click away. Virtual assistants residing in the Philippines attend daily power meetings all from their home office.

Skype, a division of Microsoft, reports 170 million connected users. In 2010, there were more than 207 billion minutes of voice calls and video conferencing provided by the communications powerhouse.
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The top 5 list was developed by virtual assistants consulting firm MyOutDesk and was created by compiled data and analyzing market-specific demand according to company records.